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Cool Video: Tammy Sytch aka “Sunny” talks WWE Hall of Fame induction…

Here is Tammy Sytch aka “Sunny” attending some Wrestlemania event. She talks about her WWE Hall of Fame induction. I haven’t seen any new pictures of her to see what she currently looks like, but she’s still looking pretty fucking hot! Will she be involved in any Wrestlemania matches this Sunday? Hopefully. I’d love to see her in action for one last time.

If you look closely in the background, you can see Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart, chatting with fans, holding his megaphone as usual.


Tammy Sytch aka “Sunny” in WWE… the next inductee for the Hall of Fame???

Rumors are hitting the internet in the world of wrestling news, that Tammy Sytch famous for “Sunny”, the WWE Diva who worked for the company for the three years in the early 90’s, just maybe the next inductee for the, WWE Hall of Fame. Since she only worked for WWE for three years in the 90’s, never worked in the 80’s and never made a return, you ask yourself, how is it possible that she could get inducted? Well here’s how…

The reason she could possibly make it is that she was the very first woman in the WWE to be known as a Diva. Yes, there were other women in the WWE way before her, but the sex symbol thing wasn’t around until Sunny came along. Yep, Sunny was the very first WWE Diva that was considered a sex symbol. Sunny started the sex thing in wrestling. That’s what makes her legendary. After Sunny, the WWE kept the sex thing going up until around 2009, when WWE went TV-PG. Once WWE went PG a while back, the Divas don’t look sexy anymore.

I think Tammy Sytch deserves this honestly. She was the reason Sable, Trish Stratus and Lita happened. Without Tammy Sytch, the women’s division of wrestling wouldn’t be huge. We’ll have to wait and see if Tammy actually makes it. I hope she does.


Cool Video: Stone Cold’s induction at the Wrestling Hall of Fame…

The Rock and Roll Hall of fame wasn’t the only Hall of Fame show going on last night. WWE had their “Wrestling Hall of Fame” last night.

Stone Cold is not scheduled for Wrestlemania tonight, but will the Texas Rattlesnake somehow be in action since Texas is his home state? Which match will Stone Cold interfere tonight to raise some hell?

My guess is the “Chris Jericho vs. The Legends” match.

Here is Vince McMahon inducting Stone Cold. Enjoy.


Report: Jason Newsted might play with Metallica on stage at Hall of Fame…

Kirk Hammett says, not only that Jason Newsted will be able to be part of the induction, he may also be able to reunite with the band on stage for one night only. Jason might play bass for a song at the Hall of Fame with Metallica.

More on it here:


I wonder why Metallica picked Flea to induct? That’s kind of a weird choice. What no Dave Grohl, no Lemmy Kilmister or Kerry King of Slayer to induct the band? Why Flea? I’m sure the band Metallica will explain their decision on Flea soon.

Like it said an earlier report, Metallica tried asking Dave Mustaine to join them on stage at the Hall of Fame, but Dave declined the offer due to a major Megadeth tour and recording in the studio for new album, although Dave was flattered he was asked.