WWE is being all nice to Chyna now ’cause they are trying get away with that they treated her like crap…

I still blame the death of Chyna on WWE all the way. My opinion still stands on that.

Read more on this well-written article on why Chyna dying was WWE’s fault…


This article said the same thing I said the other day. This article says that her real-life feud with WWE has gotten her into a depression so she started taking prescription meds because of it.

In the old days of WWE, Triple H started dating Stephanie while he was still engaged to Chyna so yeah… Triple H cheated on Chyna with Stephanie. That’s the only reason why Triple H’s career is so big right now ’cause he married the boss’s daughter. I’ve always believed that Triple H wouldn’t have gotten where he is in WWE if hadn’t married the boss’s daughter. It’s obvious, right? I mean think about it, right? Triple H is a 13 time WWE Champion. He’s always gotta be at every Wrestlemania even if he’s so-called “retired” from wrestling and now he’s the 2nd boss of WWE. Triple H is Vince McMahon’s right hand-man now.

Ya know, if Triple H married Chyna instead and if he was still married to Chyna… Triple H wouldn’t have gotten all that. It’s pretty obvious to me that the only reason Triple H married Stephanie McMahon (Vince’s daughter) is to help boost Triple H’s wrestling career and his plan worked. Honestly, I don’t think Triple H really loves Stephanie… he totally used her to boost his career. Triple H is a manipulator and would do anything to get what he wants.

Triple H claims that the reason Chyna is not in the Hall of Fame is ’cause he says that he’s worried that kids would look up her name in google and find out that she had a background in porn? Like Vince Russo said, the real reason they wouldn’t allow Chyna in the Hall of Fame is ’cause Stephanie McMahon doesn’t want Chyna in the Hall of Fame. Stephanie hates Chyna’s guts and she’s the one keeping Chyna out of the Hall of Fame. Vince McMahon is just giving Stephanie what she wants.

It’s all pretty crazy. After years of Vince, Triple H and Stephanie treating Chyna like she’s a pile of garbage… they all act nice to Chyna now that she has died? Fucking unbelievable! I thought it was pretty despicable and low of WWE. They treated Chyna like crap and now WWE finally acknowledges her after she died? It’s bullshit. All of it. Vince should feel ashamed of himself.

She tried to reach out to WWE many times, hoping to bury the hatchet but they never responded until now. Chyna should be treated with respect ’cause she really did help make WWE a lot of money. She still has a lot of fans that stuck with her even she stayed away from wrestling after all these years. She definitely did change wrestling and I think that’s the only reason why Triple H is mad at Chyna ’cause he’s jealous of her. Jealous that she changed the wrestling business and he didn’t. Gee, no wonder the WWE shut her out. Jealousy is a motherfucker ain’t it? No wonder Chyna left America for Japan.

Chyna wanted to meet with WWE hoping to resolve things and bury the hatchet but WWE wanted nothing to do with her.

I’m fed up with WWE and I think I’m about done supporting them. Not sure yet though. I’ll give them another chance. If they do a tribute show for Chyna on the next RAW and put her in the next Hall of Fame, I’ll continue to support them. If they don’t do any of those at all then it’ll be the last straw. I’ll be boycotting the WWE. I promise you that.



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