Lita Ford just became one of my favorite guitarists and singer/songwriters, love her music!

From Itunes, I just downloaded and bought two of her solo albums. Just picked up her 1988 album, “Lita” and her brand new album that she just put out called, “Time Capsule”. I think Lita Ford is fucking awesome. She’s a woman who has the full package and she can do it all musically. She has a great singing voice, hot looks and her guitar playing is awesome too.

I already listened to some of her albums through Apple Music streaming but I want to get my own copy of her albums. Her music is really good stuff.

I just became addicted to Lita’s music all of a sudden. I loved all the stuff she did in the 80’s and the 90’s. I think I got interested in her music ’cause of the Runaways pretty much.

I also finished reading her new book, “Living Like a Runaway” which is good stuff also. Lita Ford is fuckin’ awesome.

Lita Ford maybe 57 now but she’s still pretty hot looking for her age, though. I just dig women that rock and you don’t see much of that these days.



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