Ted Cruz and John Kasich both have no chance now so they may as well drop out…


I think this is pretty much proof that Ted Cruz and John Kasich are both mathematically out. Ted Cruz wants to say that Kasich is mathematically out? Well Hypocrite Ted shouldn’t be talking. These two jackasses both need to get out of the race.

This also proves that Trump will indeed be the GOP nominee. He will easily get the 1237 or more according to the polls above. People are losing interest in Ted Cruz, big time. More people are regretting supporting Ted Cruz which is good. That’s why Donald Trump going after Ted is a good thing. That’s what Donald Trump is good at. He’s good at waking people up.

I see that Marco Rubio is about to endorse Trump soon. Since all Marco Rubio did was attack Trump throughout the election, it’s looking like Rubio is about to have a change of heart with Trump. Rubio is planning to team up with Trump in order to help take down Hillary which is good. Ted Cruz and John Kasich should think about doing the same thing. Ted and John should drop out of the race and team up with Trump to help take down Hillary.

We really need to unify the GOP party ’cause it’s so divided right now and we can’t have that.

Deal with it Trump haters. Trump is gonna be the GOP nominee and he will easily defeat Hillary in the “General Election”. If Hillary can’t put up with heated debates and personal attacks then she doesn’t have what it takes to go against Trump at all. There’s no doubt in my mind that Trump is definitely gonna be the next one in the White House. I’ve been predicting this from the very beginning.



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