Billy Corgan joins “Impact Wrestling” but not as wrestler…

The frontman and founder of the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan, has taken his wrestling dreams to another level. He has officially joined Impact Wrestling (formerly known as “TNA”). Billy didn’t join as a wrestler though, he’s just gonna serve as a senior producer of creative and talent development. Meaning that he is probably gonna be in charge of the creative writing and be a mentor to some wrestlers of it’s roster.

It’s no secret that Billy Corgan is a professional wrestling fanatic like myself.

I don’t think Corgan is gonna compete in an actual wrestling match ’cause I would think he doesn’t have any wrestling skills. He just gets himself involved in professional wrestling ’cause he’s simply a huge fan and he just wants to be a part of it somehow.

I’m sure Corgan will be involved in storylines and feuds with wrestlers… I’m sure he’s gonna make some TV appearances on “Impact Wrestling”.

I haven’t watched “Impact Wrestling” in a long time. I used to watch TNA a lot in the past, though. Stopped for a while. I’ll have to get back into it again.

Wonder what this means for the Smashing Pumpkins? There was some talks that Billy was thinking about hanging up the band for good ’cause he wants to be done and move on. Why do you think he wants to be called, William Patrick Corgan instead of “Billy”? I love the Smashing Pumpkins though, always did.


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