Is “Impact Wrestling” getting cancelled and going out of business?

There’s a rumor going around out there that Dixie Carter’s wrestling company, “Impact Wrestling” is getting cancelled by Destination America which is a cable TV network. Why is it getting cancelled? While the ratings of their shows were pretty good, they feel it wasn’t good enough to justify the total cost of the programming. Plus, advertisers didn’t want to advertise their products and services specifically during Impact Wrestling. There’s also speculation that “Impact Wrestling” (formerly known at TNA) maybe going of business.

While it is sad news, it doesn’t surprise me ’cause I only watched “Impact Wrestling” when Sting, Mick Foley, Ric Flair and Bully Ray were in the company. I lost interest in “Impact Wrestling” after they all left. While I respect the fact that the company stays true to wrestling, their storylines and feuds really suck.

While the company is being cancelled completely by a TV network, I don’t think “Impact Wrestling” is going out of business so there’s nothing to worry about. I think Dixie Carter and the team will find a different network to air their shows. I’m sure they will get picked up by a different network. I don’t think “Impact Wrestling” will be going away anytime soon.

If “Impact Wrestling” is gonna go out of business then that will be pretty sad ’cause I would feel bad for the wrestlers on their roster and all the crew who put the show together ’cause they’ll be out of work. It’s weird ’cause Billy Corgan just signed on to work with them and now they’re getting cancelled?

I totally blame Hulk Hogan on the destruction of “Impact Wrestling”. When Hulk worked for them, he claimed that he was gonna make the company bigger and better but he didn’t. All he did was run the company to the ground just like he did with WCW. Now he destroyed, “Impact Wrestling”.


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