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Cool Video: The Kayfabe Killers protest against WWE’s PG rating…

There are these two young guys who started this controversial youtube page, that is becoming a hit in the wrestling world. They like to make parodies of WWE, making fun of the companies PG rating and how WWE is destroying the business with it. While their youtube channel is made for all in good laughs and fun, the page is real serious in a way too. As their goal is protesting the WWE PG rating. Their channel is quickly catching the attention of the wrestling community.

Enjoy these videos. These guys do a great job, I’m impressed. Oh, for those who don’t understand what the word, “kayfabe” means, it’s a wrestling term, meaning that real things can happen in wrestling that is not scripted. For example, the controversial Bret Hart Montreal screwjob, that was real, aka “kayfabe”. Other examples of wrestling kayfabe is the Hulk Hogan vs. Macho Man feud over this Miss Elizabeth storyline was inspired by real life events between them. The Vince McMahon steroid trial. The Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair off TV public feud. The Undertaker getting burned for real on a ppv event. See, not all wrestling is fake, sometimes some of this stuff can be real which ends up in kayfabe.


Report: Vince McMahon on TNA: the company dated Blood-soaked “Pro wrasslin”…

Vince McMahon the chairman/owner of WWE, finally speaks out his thoughts on TNA going to war with him in the ratings. Vince says, TNA is a wrestling business and WWE is “Entertainment”. He doesn’t even call WWE, “wrestling” anymore if you’ve noticed. He calls TNA blood wrestling and WWE family entertainment.

More on it here:


I’m not gonna bother debating on which company is better ’cause honestly, I like both a lot pretty much the same.

Vince is an idiot, like usual. Excuse me Vinnie Mac, but wasn’t the WWE full of Blood-Soaked “pro wrassling” during the early 90’s in the Attitude Era? Geez, how can Vince ignore that. Remember all that stuff between the Rock vs. Stone Cold, Foley vs. Undertaker, even Vince himself had plenty of bloody matches, and many more. The “adult” Attitude Era is what kept the WWE alive. If it wasn’t for that, then the families and children wouldn’t even care for wrasslin.

I think it’s insane that Vince calls his business “entertainment” and not wrestling, when the WWE’s matches are improving and getting much better these days. There is actually more “wrestling” in the PG rating, I have noticed.

Vince being the usual ego-maniac in real life just like he is on TV.


BREAKING NEWS: So who won in the ratings last night? Is it WWE or TNA? Ratings are in folks….

Last night was a huge night for wrestling. It really was. Something special that will go down in history for years. It was WWE vs. TNA in ratings for Hulk Hogan on TNA and Bret Hart on RAW. Which show did the best and got higher in ratings?

Click here and read for yourself:


Yes, that’s right. TNA got higher ratings than WWE last night. TNA never got this high before. Me thinks, it was the nWo reunion that drew people in. Last night’s TNA Impact was just like old school WCW, that’s what it reminded me of.

Congratulations to TNA. Keep it up!

Vince better shape up. WWE really needs to bring the Rock and Stone Cold back full time if they want to beat TNA.


Report: Mick Foley explains why he jumped to TNA and hints he may wrestle again full time

Hardcore wrestling legend, Mick Foley, explains why he made the jump to TNA instead of WWE. Foley explains there wasn’t much more to do in WWE since he quit wrestling in 2000 and just performed in storylines every once in a while. He goes on saying that he’s been watching TNA wrestling for a while, he’s been liking the TNA shows and thinks he can make a difference by helping that wrestling company instead of WWE.

Foley also hints that he may get into the ring again, says there are 10 wrestlers that he would like to work with.

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The 10 TNA wrestlers I can see Foley working with: Kurt Angle, Booker T, Samoa Joe, Sting, Kevin Nash, Team 3D (formerly known as the Dudley Boyz from WWE), Scott Steiner, Rhino, Jay Lethal and Christian Cage.

I do watch TNA wrestling sometimes when there is nothing else on TV at night. I don’t watch it on a regular basis, but sometimes. TNA is just like the next WCW Nitro.