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Report: Former WWE/TNA star, Matt Hardy arrested for DWI…

Professional wrestler, Matt Hardy, was arrested in North Carolina for DWI. He was driving in a Corvette, drove off the road and struck a tree. He was not injured, he is perfectly fine.

While on suspension for TNA “Impact Wrestling”, TNA have immediately released him from his contract. In other words, fired from TNA.

TMZ, reports.

I’m not surprised by this at all, to be honest with you. Both of the Hardy brothers, Matt and Jeff had problems with drugs & alcohol for years. Jeff Hardy is currently in rehab for drugs, I think. They both have problems. Pretty sad how they are now. I used to be big fans of these guys.

I got the opportunity to see  the Hardy Boys perform at a WWE Smackdown house show in Glens Falls a few years back. That was back when Matt and Jeff were both in WWE, but they both left the company for TNA. Now they are out of TNA, having some problems.

Matt is a prick for this though. He could have killed himself and other people. He’s lucky to be alive.


Cool Video: Matt Hardy videoblogs to squash rumours that he’s been sent home from England…

WWE Superstar Matt Hardy took to his youtube page to squash rumours that he’s been sent home from England. He makes a video to prove that it’s not true, he’s still in England. I have noticed that Matt Hardy has been away from WWE, taking some time off again.

Watch this hilarious video. Matt is a bit of a whack job in real life, the way he is on TV.


Report: Chris Jericho finally didn’t get away with something this time, he’s arrested along with Gregory Helms…Matt Hardy also involved…

WWE Supertar, Chris Jericho is in more controversy when not performing WWE shows. This time he got into another public brawl at a gas station in Kentucky. Chris didn’t walk clean with this, as he actually got arrested this time. Along with fellow wrestling buddy, Gregory Helms aka “The Hurricane”. Matt Hardy was involved but he wasn’t arrested, according to TMZ look like Matt Hardy fled the scene and resisted arrest! Jericho and Helms were out drinking late at night probably at some bar, so they took a ride in a taxi cab, so at least they did a smart thing and not drive…but they ended up getting arrested anyways for being out in public drunk off their ass. At the gas station they got into a fight with several people.  Jericho and Helms posted bond and it was only $120 to get out of jail, lol.

More on it here:


That’s the thing with wrestling folks. Since Matt Hardy, Jericho and Helms are all heel wrestlers on TV, and when wrestling fans see them out in public, these heel wrestlers get heckled by fans. That’s probably what happened. Since the wrestlers were out partying all night and drunk off their ass, they probably got in their WWE heel characters in front of the crowds at the gas station. It’s all part of a wrestling thing. These wrestlers seem to have this addiction in bringing their storyline characters in the real world. That’s my take on how this happened. These wrestlers are having too much fun with these heel characters that they escalate it out in the public.

The people that started the fight with these wrestlers are probably young wrestling fans that think everything is real on TV, so heel wrestlers get picked on in the public. You may think of this as WWE filming this as a segment for a storyline but it wasn’t. Just wrestlers being huge egos as usual.

It’s no surprise to me that Chris Jericho maybe an alcoholic since he has a terrible bodybuilding physique. Sad. If Jericho was more healthier and didn’t drink, he would have a better physique but his body is terrible. I wonder if WWE will suspend them for this?