Why I’m thinking about giving up on professional wrestling for good…

I haven’t been watching WWE RAW. Haven’t been watching RAW for the past 9 or 10 weeks now. Yeah, I take breaks from watching WWE for a long while when they start to get bad again but the company is getting really bad again. The WWE is at their worst right now. Why am I all fed up with WWE and professional wrestling all-around? I even stopped watching TNA wrestling ’cause I refuse to support Hulk Hogan.

The wrestling industry isn’t the same anymore. I miss the old days of Attitude Era of the old WWF and WCW Monday Nitro when they used to be around. They were great days of wrestling! I miss the old days so bad! I can’t stand today’s wrestling. The writing is not getting any better. The wrestling sucks. The card on RAW and the PPV’s are not as good anymore. I’m sick of the WWE shoving John Cena in our faces all the time, I’ve had it. Also matches are too predictable.

I don’t think I’ll ever get back to watching wrestling again. I’m serious about this. Don’t get me wrong, though, I still respect the performers and still LOVE the wrestlers. I just want the good wrestling back like everyone else. It’s sad how the wrestling industry is now. TNA’s Impact Wrestling is even not that good anymore as well. I used to watch TNA but stopped as soon as they signed Hulk Hogan. WWE and TNA are both shit companies right now.

Look, I understand both companies had to change in order to stay in the mainstream. Completely understandable but it would be nice if these companies would give what wrestling fans want to see but they don’t care. All these companies care about is jerking themselves off with money and ratings.

I’ll always be a wrestling fan and will have a passion for professional wrestling but like everyone else, I don’t like how it is right now. Plus, I’m getting too old to be liking this stuff as I’m heading into my 40’s and need to grow out of it. Wrestling should be about wrestling. Not a soap opera or Sesame Street. I like wrestling when it’s dark, intense  and violent. Sometimes WWE can actually be good today as CM Punk is still a great performer and some of the things he does is still worth watching. I just don’t appreciate what wrestling is anymore as I’ve been a fan my whole life. Yes, I’ve been a fan of wrestling ever since I was a child.

Today’s wrestling is not how I want it to be.


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