I think I’m done with WWE for a while…

I think I officially gave up on WWE. Not for good. For a while at least. For the past three or four weeks, I start to watch RAW and then I switch the channel to Monday Night Football on ESPN instead. RAW got interesting for a little bit with the controversial CM Punk storyline, but it went downhill. I don’t like the new storyline going on right now where WWE superstars protest to make RAW a better show which is inspired from the Occupy Wall Street protests. WWE has been bringing a lot of kafayabe and trying to make the product seem real. Plus, this PG rating has gone too far for me. I used to have no problem with the PG rating, but it’s starting to get to me now.

I miss the old days of WWE, the Attitude Era. Those days were amazing. I miss the hardcore violence, blood, sexy women, etc. We don’t get that anymore in WWE. TNA “Impact Wrestling”, has all that now.

So I stick with watching TNA “Impact Wrestling”, every Thursday instead of WWE lately. I’m actually enjoying this Hulk Hogan vs. Sting feud. Sting as the Joker gimmick is pretty entertaining stuff. Sting is currently playing this new gimmick similar to the Heath Ledger Joker from “The Dark Knight” movie. Sting portrays the Heath Ledger, Joker pretty well. It’s pretty much dead on. I hope Sting keeps the Joker gimmick for a while.

I like TNA because that company brings back memories to the old WCW days. I like some of their wrestlers too like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Ken Anderson, and Bully Ray. Plus, TNA has better divas than the WWE, in my opinion. I like Velvet Sky, Mickie James and Miss Techsmacher.

Even though I’m starting to lose interest in WWE, I’ll always respect the performers. WWE is becoming too family friendly for my tastes, and that’s what I don’t like about it.

I like wrestling that is aimed at the adult audience where the true wrestling at, that’s why I’m starting to watch TNA more. TNA writes better storylines and has better wrestling too.


One thought on “I think I’m done with WWE for a while…”

  1. Yeah me too I’m done with RAW for the past month. That’s just not what I want from wrestling. Firings… guys that shoot on the company… mentioning real names, having walkouts. Christ. Its not wrestling. Its like if 2 and a half men had Charlie Sheen as Charlie getting fired and then having him protest the show on the show. People would think its stupid and stop watching.

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