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Cool Video: Hulk Hogan claims he has no negative grudge at the Ultimate Warrior…

Hulk Hogan posted a new videoblog today in twitter claiming he has no negative grudge against the Ultimate Warrior by simply saying, “Warrior is a good guy at heart”. Hogan also says he doesn’t understand what Warrior’s problem is and doesn’t plan to fight with him.

As usual Hulk Hogan is a crock of shit. Everything he’s saying here is a lie. Ultimate Warrior scheduled to post a 55 minute shoot video exposing Hulk Hogan on June 17th (which is tomorrow). I personally think Hogan said “Warrior is a good guy”, just so Warrior won’t post the video tomorrow and hoping to patch things up. Nice try Hulk, but the Warrior is not stupid enough to fall for that. I don’t think Warrior is the forgive and forget type. I don’t think Warrior will back down and he will post the video tomorrow.

When Hogan says he will not fight with the Warrior, that is also another lie. He just told TMZ that he plans on suing Warrior for the shoot video tomorrow. Isn’t that fighting back at Warrior?

You can see in this video that Hogan is pretty weak. I think Warrior just proved his point that Hogan is a coward. I can’t wait for Warrior’s video tomorrow, it’s going to be entertaining. I’ll post it here as soon as Warrior uploads it tomorrow so I’ll keep an eye on it.

Check out Hogan’s response to Warrior, here.



Thought: Hulk Hogan vs. Warrior internet feud…whose side am I on?

This Warrior vs. Hogan internet feud have been creating controversy online all week. I’ll be honest, that this feud has been very entertaining and comical. I’m certainly looking forward to Warrior’s shoot video on Hogan next Friday on June 17th. Warrior may have showed small clips of it where he accused Hogan of being a wife swapper and drug user, but you haven’t seen nothing yet. When you see the full video next week, I’m sure it’ll get much worse on Hogan.

The Ultimate Warrior is not the only wrestler that hates Hogan. Many other wrestlers hate him too: Bret Hart, Iron Sheik, Honky Tonk Man, etc. Plenty of others, the list is endless. In reality, I don’t think Warrior really hates Hogan. If you look closely in Warrior’s shoot video, in his office, you can see Hogan merchandise on the shelves. So that’s a little evidence that Warrior still respects Hogan in some way. In a few of Warrior’s videos, Warrior even said a few times that he still respects Hogan.

The question is, why is the Warrior making videos trashing Hogan??? Is it jealousy? That’s what Hogan thinks. Hogan is on his twitter attacking Warrior that Warrior wouldn’t be famous without Hogan. You see, that’s not true. Another lie by Hogan and just him acting like an ego-maniac like usual. Ultimate Warrior was a famous well known wrestler way before Hogan. The Warrior already accomplished so much way before Hogan’s prime. If you need proof, read Warrior’s wikipedia. When it comes with Hogan, there is really nothing to be jealous about. So I don’t think Warrior is jealous of Hogan at all.

Hogan acts like he is the wrestling god. The superstar of all wrestling. Hogan thinks professional wrestling is all for himself and he thinks he started it all. That’s how much of an ego Hogan is. That’s why so many other wrestlers hate him.

The reason Warrior is making these videos, is that he wants to expose of how much of a lying and backstabbing piece of shit Hogan is. That sit down interview Hogan did about Macho Man Randy Savage, Hogan claims he respects Randy Savage and Warrior wants to expose the truth that Hogan doesn’t respect Randy. Hogan stabbed so many wrestlers in the back and he destroyed the legacy of many other wrestlers. Especially Bret the Hitman Hart, whose career was destroyed by Hogan in WCW.

Hogan even stabbed Vince McMahon in the back. Vince McMahon loved Hogan. Vince McMahon made Hogan for what he is. An American Hero and icon. Yet, here is Hogan in TNA attacking Vince and WWE about not having enough wrestling.

Hulk Hogan is a prick. Always has been. So yeah, I’m on the Warrior’s side all the way. Warrior won that match against Hogan at Wrestlemania 6, and I personally think Hogan is still mad at that. And Hogan threatening to sue Warrior just proves how much of a coward Hogan is.

Maybe this internet feud is real and not scripted, who knows, but it’s pretty interesting. I’m tired of Hogan still hanging around in wrestling. Nobody cares for him anymore because his time is done and it’s about time that Hogan should be destroyed. Warrior will do that job. Warrior will destroy Hulk Hogan.

I’m certainly looking forward to that video on Jun. 17th. Bring it on Warrior!


Cool Video: Did the Ultimate Warrior get signed to TNA? I think he did…

Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior started feuding on the internet. The thing is, are they really enemies or are they just acting? I think acting. I believe Warrior just got signed a contract to TNA and he’s on his way to “Impact Wrestling” to feud with Hulk Hogan on TV.

The Warrior just posted this video calling out Hulk Hogan for censoring Warrior’s fans on twitter. As you can see, the Warrior is in character, speaking as if he’s doing a wrestling promo which he does a very good job at btw. Yep, Warrior is indeed on his way TNA.


Fellow wrestlers send out their condolences to Randy Savage on twitter…

Here are all the tributes to Randy Savage by other wrestlers from twitter, enjoy:

From Hulk Hogan – “I’m completely devastated, after over 10 years of not talking with Randy, we’ve finally started to talk and communicate. HH”

From Eric Bischoff – “Very sad to hear the news about Randy Savage. Randy was as passionate about the wrestling business, as intense of…”

From Mick Foley – “I just heard the sad news about the Macho Man. Randy Savage was one of my favorites performers, and my heart goes out to his loved ones.”

From Kevin Nash – “I lost a close friend today. If anybody in heaven is wondering who the cat in the ugly cowboy hat is it’s Randy. Love you Bro. Never another”

From Chris Jericho – “Randy Savage was a true influence and inspiration to me and taught me some very important lessons,in and out of the ring. Rest in peace Mach”

From Beth Phoenix – “No words for this very sad day. Condolences to Randy Savage’s family, friends and millions of fans. #MachoMan”

From Trish Stratus – “Rest in peace Randy-my first inspiration in the ring. My prayers & condolences to the Savage family #RIPMachoMan”

From Bret “The Hitman” Hart – “I have no words to say. This one hits me hard. We lost one of the best.”

From Stone Cold Steve Austin – “Just heard about Macho Man Randy Savage…unmatched intensity in the ring. A hellacious performer and terrific promo. A real bad ass. RIP.”

From John Cena – “CeNation. The untimely passing of randy savage is indeed tragic. All true fans of wrestling will mourn this loss. One of the all time greats”

From Shawn Michaels HBK – “Greatest advice from “Mach”- I was angry & wanted to leave WWE. He said, Don’t take urself out of the game. If ur still here…”

From Val Venis (Sean Morley) – “Just heard the sad news. RIP to one of the greatest performers ever. Randy Macho Man Savage.”

From Al Snow – “R.I.P. Randy Savage you will always be remembered”

From Mickie James – “Ooh No! My childhood favorite! RIP Macho Man… *finger in the air* ”

From Amy Dumas aka “Lita” – “Even as a vegetarian, I feel the need to snap into a slim jim in honor of Mach. #RIPMachoMan”

From Stacy Karter aka “The Kat” – “So sad 2 hear about Macho Man.”

From William Regal – “Just heard of the passing of Randy Savage.A one of a kind great performer.RIP.”

From Jim Ross – “Just heard Macho Man died this morning of a heart attack while driving his vehicle in Tampa. Condolences to all Randy Savage fans/family.”

From The Rock – “RIP Randy “Macho Man” Savage – you were one of my childhood inspirations and heros. Strength, love and prayers to the Savage/Poffo family.”

I’m sure there’s tons more.


Cool Video: Mick Foley is the Network Rep, See the return of Chyna on TNA!!!

Last night’s TNA episode, was actually a great episode. Mick Foley ended up being the Network Representative, that’s been busting on Hulk Hogan and Immortal for a long while. Mick made the announcement that TNA changed the name to their Thursday shows to “Impact Wrestling”, making the announcement public and official. TNA’s name change is an attack at WWE for leaving out wrestling out of their new name. Mick also introduced the return of Chyna, Joanie Laurer.

I’ll admit that Chyna is still looking really hot. Yes, she had plastic surgery, breast implants and wears too much make-up but you can’t deny that she turns you on every time you see on her TV. She hasn’t been on wrestling television for a little over ten years, she’s been gone for that long.

I hope Chyna’s run in TNA will be full time, and not just a short run. We’ll wait and see. Enjoy the videos, here, and here.


RANT: Why TNA Impact is better than WWE…

I’ll admit that the WWE’s new direction is kind of crap. It’s getting worse. I don’t like how the WWE is ignoring wrestling and turning it into an entertainment business myself. I’ll always respect Vince McMahon and his superstars, but WWE shouldn’t be “Entertainment” for kids. The WWE started off as “wrestling” in the 80’s and early 90’s but in the 2000’s years, the company changed, big time. WWE really became childlike.

WWE doesn’t like calling their performers, “wrestlers”, they call ’em “superstars”. They don’t like calling wrestling matches, “matches”, instead they call ’em, bouts. Those are just examples of how WWE is trying to ignore wrestling completely.

A lot of fans are complaining that WWE is not wrestling anymore and that’s why a lot of them watch TNA Impact instead. It is why TNA Impact is getting more popular and bigger because fans want more “wrestling”. TNA’ s goal is not only to compete with WWE, what they are doing is that they want to give us wrestling that WWE doesn’t do anymore.

So why is TNA Impact better than WWE??? I can think of these reasons at the top of my head:

  • Wrestling – TNA’s main focus is on wrestling. Since WWE isn’t wrestling anymore, TNA vows to keep it wrestling. They are committed to giving wrestling fans what they want.
  • Better story lines – TNA has more impacting story lines than WWE, in my opinion. There is more intensity in the story lines than WWE would have came up with. Still though, the TNA story lines make true “wrestling” and staying away from the entertainment side.
  • Better main events – You don’t see John Cena and Randy Orton hogging up the main events in TNA do ya? No. That’s because TNA has a lot of main eventers over there, from AJ Styles, RVD, Sting, Ken Anderson, Kurt Angle, Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe, etc. We see different main events in TNA. It’s not always the same main events like WWE is known to having the same boring main events all the time.
  • TNA allows swearing, blood, and violence – There’s plenty of swearing, bloody matches and hardcore violence in TNA. Something that WWE would never have again.
  • Hotter women – TNA has way hotter women than WWE. More cleavage and more skin. Plus, TNA doesn’t call ’em Divas.
  • Better promos (or mic skills) – TNA wrestlers can pull off better promos and in ring speeches than WWE could ever do. All those guys are pretty amazing on the mic, I especially have been impressed with Ken Anderson lately. AJ Styles has great mic work too, same with Bully Ray.
  • Better backstage skits – You know how in WWE when a superstar is being interviewed by a WWE backstage reporter, and then they get into drama with other wrestlers? It’s not like that in TNA. TNA doesn’t do backstage interviews where they ask the wrestlers questions about what happened out there in the ring. TNA wrestlers just do their acting on camera continuing their story lines throughout the show.

I think that pretty much covers it. That’s why I watch TNA every week now because they focus on the “wrestling”. It really is sad to what WWE has become. I’ll still watch RAW and “Wrestlemania” of course, I just don’t watch WWE ppv’s too much anymore.


Report: Vince McMahon changes name for his company to WWE, taking the word “wrestling” out completely…

The WWE has changed it’s company name to, um, WWE. It will no longer be called, “World Wrestling Entertainment”.

Read more on the story, here.

While I do support WWE and wrestling, I do hate how Vince is trying to ignore “wrestling” and turning it into entertainment. As we all know, WWE started out as “wrestling” in the 80’s and 90’s, but in the 2000’s years, the company changed to strictly family “entertainment”.

This is one reason why I’m starting to watch TNA Impact, weekly because they concentrate on the “wrestling” more than the “entertainment” side. WWE is aimed toward family entertainment and TNA Impact is aimed toward the adult audience. TNA Impact is trying their best to reinvent, the “90’s attitude era” of WWE. During the 90’s of WWE, it used to be wrestling with violence, blood, sexy women and all that stuff. TNA wants to give us all that which WWE doesn’t have anymore.

I’ll admit that I am pretty hooked to TNA Impact, I find myself watching it every Thursday. TNA Impact is getting bigger and better with their storylines and wrestling. TNA will never get bigger than WWE, but they are getting pretty close. TNA have been having shows in bigger arenas and their TV ratings are going up weekly. So TNA is doing something right. Some of the storylines in TNA Impact are pretty intriguing and interesting. They do things over there that WWE could never do. I’m enjoying Ken Anderson’s feud with the guys in Immortal, Sting and RVD. TNA is having Ken Anderson feud with at least 10 wrestlers at once, and it’s almost like the whole company is on to him. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have took control of the company “storywise” and I’m sure Dixie Carter will get her job back somehow in a big way. I’m also enjoying Kurt Angle’s feud with Jeff Jarrett which is pretty intense stuff. While TNA tries to compete with WWE, they try to keep their storylines different than WWE. I also think AJ Styles is a phenomenal performer.

Anyhow, back to WWE, even though I still watch and don’t like their “family entertainment direction” myself, I continue to watch because I still respect their performers. It’s sad that “Attitude” is dead in WWE, I miss the old days.


Hulk Hogan posts a tweet forgiving Bret Hart, is he for real?

Hulk Hogan posted this on his twitter.

“Last and only comment for Brett,I hope he finds happiness in life,I feel bad for him and I have totally forgiven him much respect HH”

Hogan posting that kind of surprised me. As you all know, Hulk and Bret have been feuding out of wrestling for years. If Hogan is serious on forgiving Bret, I’ll respect Hogan just this once. Somehow I can’t trust Hulk though.

Will Bret forgive him in return? Will Bret and Hogan bury the hatchet and call a truce? Maybe, but I don’t see it happening.

Hogan finally did something nice for once in his life, but you can’t take him seriously.