Cool Video: Hulk Hogan claims he has no negative grudge at the Ultimate Warrior…

Hulk Hogan posted a new videoblog today in twitter claiming he has no negative grudge against the Ultimate Warrior by simply saying, “Warrior is a good guy at heart”. Hogan also says he doesn’t understand what Warrior’s problem is and doesn’t plan to fight with him.

As usual Hulk Hogan is a crock of shit. Everything he’s saying here is a lie. Ultimate Warrior scheduled to post a 55 minute shoot video exposing Hulk Hogan on June 17th (which is tomorrow). I personally think Hogan said “Warrior is a good guy”, just so Warrior won’t post the video tomorrow and hoping to patch things up. Nice try Hulk, but the Warrior is not stupid enough to fall for that. I don’t think Warrior is the forgive and forget type. I don’t think Warrior will back down and he will post the video tomorrow.

When Hogan says he will not fight with the Warrior, that is also another lie. He just told TMZ that he plans on suing Warrior for the shoot video tomorrow. Isn’t that fighting back at Warrior?

You can see in this video that Hogan is pretty weak. I think Warrior just proved his point that Hogan is a coward. I can’t wait for Warrior’s video tomorrow, it’s going to be entertaining. I’ll post it here as soon as Warrior uploads it tomorrow so I’ll keep an eye on it.

Check out Hogan’s response to Warrior, here.



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