Did Kurt Angle tease a future return to WWE??? That’s what it’s looking like…

Kurt Angle finally retired from TNA wrestling. Now it’s looking like he maybe coming back to WWE. If he is, it’s probably not for a full time run, probably part time ’cause Kurt never liked to work in wrestling full time… that was the reason why he worked for TNA in the past.

It’s looking like Kurt is finally making a WWE comeback. Kurt left WWE in 2006 so it was a long 10 year hiatus from the company. Could he be coming back? If so in what form? I think he’ll come back as a wrestler but maybe for one final match @ Wrestlemania 33 probably.

Who would Kurt feud against when he returns? I would like it if Kurt would feud with any of the new guys but it’s looking like that Kurt will come back to feud with the McMahon’s. So it’s probably gonna be Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon at WM-33? Kurt and Shane already had a match together at King of the Ring in 2001 but it be cool if they go at it again.

I like Kurt Angle. Always did. I’ve watched Kurt Angle a lot in WWE and I even watched him a lot when he was in TNA (I used to watch TNA wrestling a lot but quit watching that too).

I hope Kurt comes back ’cause that would be cool. He probably will. I miss the “You suck” chants.



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