Dwayne Johnson finally confirms he’s playing “Doc Savage”… his first superhero film…

Director Shane Black has been wanting the Rock to play “Doc Savage” and ever since then rumors been swirling for a long while now that Dwayne Johnson was gonna get the role. Today on Memorial Day, Dwayne the man himself finally confirmed the news.

This is one superhero movie that I’m interested in ’cause like most fans, I too believe that Dwayne Johnson could play Doc Savage and do it well. In my opinion, I think only Dwayne could play character and nobody else.

I never read any Doc Savage comics but googling it and seeing the pictures, I can easily see Dwayne playing that character right away.

I watch a lot of superhero films ’cause I’m not a big comic book reader but Doc Savage looks cool and I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re gonna do with the film. It’s probably gonna be a big action movie. Doc Savage is a big muscular tough guy which is why Dwayne fits the role.



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