Thoughts on Cincinnati Zoo shooting Gorilla ’cause he grabbed a child… was it right for the Zoo to do???

I’m sure some of you want to know my thoughts about the Cincinnati Zoo shooting the 400 lb. Gorilla ’cause many thought he was trying to protect the child that fell in but do I believe the Zoo did the right thing? Yes, they did the right thing. As usual there’s all kinds of political correctness going on about this.

1. The Mother should have been watching the child and she wasn’t watching him at all.

2. The Gorilla could have killed the child.

People are saying that they didn’t have to kill the Gorilla but shoot it with tranquilizer darts. Yes, I’m sure the Zoo uses tranquilizer guns but for a 400 lb. Gorilla, tranquilizer darts is not strong enough. It would take a lot of darts to knock a Gorilla out and there wouldn’t be enough time to save the child.

Also, a lot of people are saying the Gorilla was trying to protect the child. Really? To me, the way I’m looking at the video below, the Gorilla wasn’t protecting the child at all. I think the Gorilla was being “playful”. Either that or maybe the Gorilla was a little scared and was trying to protect itself. Maybe Harambe felt a little threatened? If they let the Gorilla live, the Gorilla could have hurt the child or worse could have killed him. The way I’m looking at it, the Gorilla wasn’t trying to be the better mother at all. Watch the video below, the Gorilla dragged the child across the water. If they let the Gorilla live then Harambe could be dragging the child around the water all day.

Everybody wants to care for the Gorilla’s life but what about that boy’s life? It seems that people care more for the Gorilla’s life than the boy which to me is the sad part about this whole thing. That boy could have been hurt or worse dead. Gorilla’s are very curious creatures and they don’t understand things. They wouldn’t know how to protect a human child. When the child fell in, I’m sure the Gorilla thought it was just another animal. They want to feel sorry for the Gorilla but what about the kid?

Harambe was a silverback gorilla and if you do your research, silverback Gorilla’s are the most dangerous. They’re a little more aggressive.

As usual, the mainstream media wants to play “political correctness” over this stuff.

Honestly, I feel more sorry for the kid than the Gorilla. I’m sure the kid was scared to death down there. Yep, so I definitely blame the child’s mother and I blame the zoo too. I know this post is probably gonna upset some but I don’t care. I just tell things the way they are and I’m going to stand by it that killing the Gorilla was the best thing they could do. It was the only thing they could do to save that child’s life.



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