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Warrior really wanted us all to have a good life… watch video for proof…

When Warrior teaches other people to have a good and successful life, he was only speaking from experience. He never wasted his life by doing something about it right away. He wanted to become a bodybuilder and wrestler so he did exactly that by doing something about it. He’s just passing along his experiences to all of us. He wants us to experience what he experienced.

If I want to have a better life than being stuck here for the rest of my life, he’s so right that I need to do something about it soon and fast. I need to do something about it right now actually. If I want to get myself a nice girlfriend, a good job, my license/car, etc. I can do all that. If I want to get a career in music or writing, I can do all that too if I wanted.

He wanted to let people know that life really matters and it really does, honestly.

You can only live once so make the best of it. Don’t waste it by doing nothing.


Warrior really wanted us to believe that life really matters…

From one of Warrior’s older inspirational life videos. Before Warrior died, he really wanted to help people. In his youtube channel, he wanted to teach people that life really matters and it’s really serious. He really wanted us all to make the best of it in life.

He’s part of the reason why I felt I needed to improve my life which is getting worked on. He made me realize that life really is great.

There are goals that I want to achieve in life and I’m working on them. Working on trying to improve my music. Staying committed in bodybuilding. Trying to improve my life by talking more and becoming less shy. Become more outgoing and confident. Trying to meet more women and hoping to get a girlfriend. Gonna get back into job hunting again.

Even though my life isn’t perfect, I just live the best of it and enjoy it by playing my music, doing the bodybuilding, listening to music, watching movies, reading books, etc. Doing the things I like to do.

Warrior just didn’t want people to feel down about themselves and wanted everybody to be happy.


Edit to add: Actually, this video just posted was never uploaded before so this is one of Warrior’s unreleased videos. I’m sure Warrior recorded plenty of videos that didn’t make it to youtube and I’m sure more will be coming.

Ultimate Warrior confirms reconciling with Vince McMahon and is now back in the WWE Universe….

Ultimate Warrior wrote today on twitter to Vince McMahon:

@VinceMcMahon Vince, thank you for your personal welcome back to the WWE Universe. It is noted and appreciated. All the Warriors of Parts Unknown take pride in being one of the original galaxies of the Universe you created. Not one of my days has passed without a flashback to my time in the business and my relationship with you. After 17 years of battling one another, perhaps the stars have finally aligned and Destiny is prepared to tell one of Sports Entertainment’s greatest stories: how two of the industry’s most determined, colorful, intense and explosive personalities brought to life a persona that made such an inspiring impression that it still captures the hearts and minds of fans all over the world, even all these years later. I am proud Ultimate Warrior is an iconic, immortal spirit in the Universe you created. I know, Vince McMahon, you are proud, too. The inhabitants of your WWE Universe believe your personal welcome is an invitation of sorts. If so, consider this my RSVP with one condition. Wisdom takes a seat at the table with us when we meet, but we each also leave unburied a slight edge of the hatchet we’ve carried over the years. that other gutless and heartless God-fearing men urge us to lay to rest forever. Face it, neither one of us were ever any good at being bored or boring others. So coming prepared to kill one another makes for a interesting backup plan. Always Believe, Warrior

As you can see, Vince and Warrior have been feuding in public for years. Over the years Warrior has kept away from WWE and he wouldn’t even let the WWE induct him into the Hall of Fame. Now that Warrior buried the hatchet with Vince McMahon officially… I think a Hall of Fame induction is very possible now.

Also a short WWE return is possible since Warrior revealed that he is back in the “WWE Universe”. He didn’t say anything about returning to WWE television on RAW but I think they’re just trying to keep it a surprise.

I think we will see Warrior back on WWE TV. Not sure if he’s coming back full time, part time, a one off or what but we’ll wait and see. He’s probably just coming back for one final match against Vince as a way to finish off that feud… in a kayfabe kind of way. Do you know what, “kayfabe” is right? It is a wrestling term meaning that it is the portrayal of events in wrestling that are actually “real”.

Some off TV feuds have been finished on WWE television before so it’s nothing new. Kayfabe already happened with Vince and Bret the “Hitman” Hart. Vince and Bret have feuded for years while Bret stayed retired… now they are reconciled… Bret makes occasional appearances on RAW. They finished their Montreal “screwjob” angle on TV. Mick Foley and Ric Flair had an off TV feud for a while and they were gonna finish on TV but things got a little different. Jerry Lawler’s heart attack scare was kayfabe. Sometimes things you see on TV can be real which can be called, “kayfabe”. The McMahon steroid trial from years back and the Owen Hart death, all kayfabe.

I can see them doing a lot of kayfabe stuff with Vince vs. Warrior. A Vince vs. Warrior feud on TV would be entertaining. I’m gonna have to start watching WWE again to watch out for Warrior’s return. Warrior won’t return to WWE this soon… they want to make things surprising and unpredictable so Warrior can appear out of no where.

Glad to finally see Vince put his ego aside. He did a great thing for a change. Vince can be a cool guy after all!


The Ultimate Warrior still means so much to so many people to this day…

Yes, there have been many wrestling legends over the years but in my opinion, I think the Ultimate Warrior is the most important one of them all. Hulk Hogan was the one who helped get him over at their legendary match at Wrestlemania 6 which was the match that helped Warrior’s popularity. That match still means a lot to so many people to this day. So many wrestling legends Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage, Ric Flair, etc. I think the Ultimate Warrior tops them all. Warrior claims that he is retired from wrestling for good but I think he is on his way to a short comeback — now that WWE has gotten Warrior as a playable character for the 2k14 video game.

Vince and Warrior used to never get along. They had feuded for years behind the scenes. They must of reconciled and buried the hatchet. Now that Warrior is gonna be in the next WWE game — could this mean that Warrior is on his way to the Hall of Fame? Will Warrior make one last WWE run? Maybe one last match? Warrior claims that his days in the ring are over ’cause he made his mark in the past but never say never, ya know?

I haven’t been watching WWE for a long while. I hate the way it’s going but I’m gonna have to start watching again just to watch out for Warrior’s possible return. Warrior’s being secretive about it and in an interview I saw of youtube… he said he wouldn’t mind one more match with Vince. Even though Warrior still does bodybuilding and works out… his body still can’t take wrestling anymore ’cause of his age (he’s in his 50’s now, I believe). So if he wrestles Vince… the match won’t be as physical. Warrior would have to wrestle someone who is not an actual wrestler… Vince would be the most likely choice.

Plus, it would be a fine way to end the Warrior vs. Vince feud by settling it in the wrestling ring.

The reason Warrior means so much to so many people still is ’cause his character is a positive character. No negativity. In real life, when Warrior is not wrestling… he’s a very nice man. He’s brutally honest but he seems like a very friendly and down to earth guy if you watch all of his videos in youtube.

Simply put, Warrior inspires everyone. That’s why he’s important. He deserves the Hall of Fame and one more WWE run. I think both are a huge possibility. Warrior is awesome. I always respect him like most. He has no ego. He’s respectful to other talent. He’s just a humble dude. I’d like to meet him in person myself someday ’cause I hear he does the best autograph sessions.

Hope Warrior comes back to RAW. People still love him to this day.


Film Review: Warrior

Starring: Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte, Kurt Angle

Directed by: Gavin O’ Connor

Today, I decided to go to the mall to check out the movie, “Warrior”. Here is my review…

Plot/Synopsis: Ex-Marine, Tommy Conlon (Hardy) returns home to Pittsburgh, from serving the country, and he enlists his father (Nolte) to help train him for a big MMA tournament where the winner gets $5,000,000. However, Tommy, and his father don’t get along because his father is a recovering alcoholic and their family is about to fall apart.

While Tommy focuses on getting into fighting, his brother, Brendan Conlon (Edgerton), is a school teacher and he’s in a financial ruin with his family. Brendan wants back into fighting so he can have the money to care for his family who is also about to fall apart. The two Conlon brothers must go face to face in the tournament to fight for the prize of a lifetime.¬†

If you like sports films and if you’re a fan of MMA/UFC, then you’re definitely going to love this movie. Also, this movie isn’t just for sports and MMA fans. This movie can be enjoyed by everyone. This movie is more than just about MMA and cage fighting. It can be about family life and things that can happen for real. This film wants to give you insight on what it’s like being an MMA fighter. Some may think the MMA lifestyle is easy and fun, but this film wants to show you it can be difficult.¬†Families can fall apart because of your fighting lifestyle and your life can get ruined very quickly as well, just like that. This film also wants to show you that fighting can bring out the positive things about your life as well.

This is a perfect film over all. It was very intelligently written. The acting of the cast was phenomenal. Especially Nick Nolte who I was most impressed with. I think Nick Nolte deserves the Oscar nod for Best Supporting actor for this role and I have a feeling he might get one. His acting was very powerful in this movie.

This film has so much different emotions. It can be sad at times, there are scenes where it makes you pissed off, and the fighting scenes just make you want to jump up and cheer. The fighting scenes were great. I was even impressed with Kurt Angle, who is an Olympic gold medalist wrestler, and former WWE star/current TNA star. Kurt Angle didn’t talk at all in the movie. Kurt Angle plays one of the fighters who Tom Hardy fights in the movie.

I was completely blown away and in awe about this film. This film is definitely 10x’s better than, “The Fighter”, starring Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg. “Warrior” is even better than “The Wrestler” starring Mickey Rourke. I’d say “Warrior” is the best sports movie since the Rocky series.

I must warn you though, that “Warrior” didn’t have a lot of fighting in this movie and there’s a good reason for that too. Like I said before, it wanted to show you the life of a fighter outside of a cage. I think that’s the whole point of this movie. Real life MMA fighters like in Strikeforce and UFC, live their lives the similar way it is shown in this movie. All they do is train, fight, and live their lives with their families. Fighters are just normal people like us. It’s what they do for a living because that’s all they have. A lot of fighters can’t get jobs and have a hard time making money to survive, so they fight in a cage to survive.

This movie is very inspiring and I would definitely say this is the best movie of 2011 so far. Whether you’re into MMA or not, you gotta check this movie out. You’ll understand this sport better, when you do.

Score for “Warrior” (**** “4 stars” as in “excellent”)