Ultimate Warrior confirms reconciling with Vince McMahon and is now back in the WWE Universe….

Ultimate Warrior wrote today on twitter to Vince McMahon:

@VinceMcMahon Vince, thank you for your personal welcome back to the WWE Universe. It is noted and appreciated. All the Warriors of Parts Unknown take pride in being one of the original galaxies of the Universe you created. Not one of my days has passed without a flashback to my time in the business and my relationship with you. After 17 years of battling one another, perhaps the stars have finally aligned and Destiny is prepared to tell one of Sports Entertainment’s greatest stories: how two of the industry’s most determined, colorful, intense and explosive personalities brought to life a persona that made such an inspiring impression that it still captures the hearts and minds of fans all over the world, even all these years later. I am proud Ultimate Warrior is an iconic, immortal spirit in the Universe you created. I know, Vince McMahon, you are proud, too. The inhabitants of your WWE Universe believe your personal welcome is an invitation of sorts. If so, consider this my RSVP with one condition. Wisdom takes a seat at the table with us when we meet, but we each also leave unburied a slight edge of the hatchet we’ve carried over the years. that other gutless and heartless God-fearing men urge us to lay to rest forever. Face it, neither one of us were ever any good at being bored or boring others. So coming prepared to kill one another makes for a interesting backup plan. Always Believe, Warrior

As you can see, Vince and Warrior have been feuding in public for years. Over the years Warrior has kept away from WWE and he wouldn’t even let the WWE induct him into the Hall of Fame. Now that Warrior buried the hatchet with Vince McMahon officially… I think a Hall of Fame induction is very possible now.

Also a short WWE return is possible since Warrior revealed that he is back in the “WWE Universe”. He didn’t say anything about returning to WWE television on RAW but I think they’re just trying to keep it a surprise.

I think we will see Warrior back on WWE TV. Not sure if he’s coming back full time, part time, a one off or what but we’ll wait and see. He’s probably just coming back for one final match against Vince as a way to finish off that feud… in a kayfabe kind of way. Do you know what, “kayfabe” is right? It is a wrestling term meaning that it is the portrayal of events in wrestling that are actually “real”.

Some off TV feuds have been finished on WWE television before so it’s nothing new. Kayfabe already happened with Vince and Bret the “Hitman” Hart. Vince and Bret have feuded for years while Bret stayed retired… now they are reconciled… Bret makes occasional appearances on RAW. They finished their Montreal “screwjob” angle on TV. Mick Foley and Ric Flair had an off TV feud for a while and they were gonna finish on TV but things got a little different. Jerry Lawler’s heart attack scare was kayfabe. Sometimes things you see on TV can be real which can be called, “kayfabe”. The McMahon steroid trial from years back and the Owen Hart death, all kayfabe.

I can see them doing a lot of kayfabe stuff with Vince vs. Warrior. A Vince vs. Warrior feud on TV would be entertaining. I’m gonna have to start watching WWE again to watch out for Warrior’s return. Warrior won’t return to WWE this soon… they want to make things surprising and unpredictable so Warrior can appear out of no where.

Glad to finally see Vince put his ego aside. He did a great thing for a change. Vince can be a cool guy after all!


2 thoughts on “Ultimate Warrior confirms reconciling with Vince McMahon and is now back in the WWE Universe….”

    1. I agree the feud is kind of bogus. Vince and Warrior hated each others guts for the past 17 years or so and it took them this long to put their differences aside. Warrior wouldn’t let Vince induct him into the Hall of Fame over the years but now it’s looking like that would be a possibility. Warrior always respected Vince and I believe that’s what led up to the reconciling. The Vince and Warrior feud over the years wasn’t a storyline. They were really fighting & arguing.


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