Warrior really wanted us all to have a good life… watch video for proof…

When Warrior teaches other people to have a good and successful life, he was only speaking from experience. He never wasted his life by doing something about it right away. He wanted to become a bodybuilder and wrestler so he did exactly that by doing something about it. He’s just passing along his experiences to all of us. He wants us to experience what he experienced.

If I want to have a better life than being stuck here for the rest of my life, he’s so right that I need to do something about it soon and fast. I need to do something about it right now actually. If I want to get myself a nice girlfriend, a good job, my license/car, etc. I can do all that. If I want to get a career in music or writing, I can do all that too if I wanted.

He wanted to let people know that life really matters and it really does, honestly.

You can only live once so make the best of it. Don’t waste it by doing nothing.


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