Report: Kurt Angle wants WWE return…

Former WWE star, Kurt Angle is still currently working for TNA. Even if he signed another contract to stay with TNA even longer, he still wants a big WWE return. He still plans to stay with TNA too. How can he work with two different shows at the same time?

See the article, here.

That’s good that Kurt Angle finally wants to return. Could he actually be, the RAW Anonymous GM? Heh, who knows. The WWE could certainly use him back since their ratings has been down as of late. Kurt Angle would also make a great member of the Nexus ’cause the Nexus could use a member that have wrestling talent, and Kurt Angle has that. Pretty much all members of the Nexus suck at wrestling, except for Justin Gabriel who seems pretty promising.

I’d like to see a Kurt Angle return. I’m all for it.


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