RAW ratings getting lower & lower? No surprise. Hey Vince, people want to see “wrestling”, not “family entertainment”…

Last Monday’s RAW which was May 29th was the second lowest rated in WWE HIstory. There was one WCW Monday Nitro episode that did a lot lower. RAW ratings has been getting lower and lower these days.

Check out this article:


Since the RAW ratings has been getting so low, this made former WWE writer, Vince Russo reach out to Vince McMahon in hopes of maybe returning to WWE as a writer. There’s a lot of talk that Vince maybe all for Russo in coming back ’cause pro wrestling these days needs a lot of help.

Why are WWE shows tanking in the ratings these days? Hmmmmmm let me guess these reasons, shall we?

  • People don’t like the PG era of wrestling: The PG era of wrestling has been going on for too long now and we’re fed up with it. Watching WWE shows these days feels like watching Disney almost which is sad.
  • Vince McMahon ignores “wrestling” completely: Vince doesn’t want anything to do with wrestling in WWE anymore. He can ignore the wrestling part all he wants but WWE will always be wrestling no matter what you think of it. We just want Vince calling it “wrestling” again like he used to do in the 80’s and 90’s.
  • Bad storylines: Storylines in WWE are starting to get bad again. Sometimes they get real good and sometimes they go downhill. Well, they’re going downhill. I think this Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt feud is really dumb.
  • Bad booking of ppv shows: Enough said? The booking of matches is getting horrible these days as well.
  • Vince pushes the WWE superstars that he likes, not giving what the fans want: For example, Vince keeps ramming Roman Reigns down our throats. A lot of wrestling fans don’t like Roman Reigns and they feel that Vince should be pushing some of the other talent to the top that deserve it more… for example superstars like Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Luke Harper deserves to get pushed more.
  • We want to see Hardcore wrestling back and bring back the blood too: I really miss the hardcore days of wrestling back in the day. Wow. That was some great shit! Back in the days when WWE used to be real good. Lots of barbed wire, thumb tacks and all kinds of weapons were being used. I miss all the blood in wrestling too ’cause the blood is what makes wrestling matches exciting as hell. God, I miss the old days!

There, you get the idea. For the most part, people are getting fed up with wrestling being for children. How about something for everybody, ya know?

The problem is Vince just like to please himself when it comes to WWE shows. Everything you see on TV goes through Vince’s approval. If he likes it, he’ll use it. If he doesn’t he’ll trash it. Read Chris Jericho’s books for proof on that. He really needs to concentrate on giving what the fans want but he never does.

How about changing the WWE shows that are more aimed toward the “smart” fans instead of trying to reach an audience who are “marks”? The wrestling term “mark” is a fan who believes wrestling is real. A “smart” fan means the complete opposite.

Yeah, I’m a huge wrestling fanatic but would like to see the business improve myself. Sad ’cause there are so many talented new and young talent like Finn Balor, Aj Styles and Samoa Joe are a few of my favorites right now. Another favorite performer of mine is Asuka, who is a female wrestler on NXT but she’s not on RAW yet. She’s fucking awesome, though.

The WWE really need to step up their game. How about bringing back “wrestling”? That’s what people want to see!



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