Why WWE RAW ratings have been tanking lately… my take on it…

I’m a huge fan of WWE and wrestling but I’m not afraid to admit that RAW is getting bad again. It’s not the superstars fault ’cause they are just doing their jobs; getting paid to perform on TV and at live events. They are getting paid to follow the script and doing what the creative team tells them to do. With the tanking ratings, who’s fault do I think it is? Well, I think it’s definitely Vince McMahon’s fault and the creative team, duh.

Check this article out:


I think the reason why a lot of wrestling fans out there are getting turned off by WWE is for a few reasons. I can think of 5:

  1. We’re getting tired of part-timers coming around just to get WWE Championship belt and you don’t see them on TV much. A lot of us believe that there are other superstars worthy of the belt but the WWE doesn’t give it to them. They mostly give the title to part-timers. I kind of agree, it is pretty stupid if you think about it. We’re fed up of Brock Lesnar holding the belt for so long and he’s hardly ever on TV, just occasionally.
  2. Most of us are not watching RAW anymore ’cause we’re fed up with WWE ramming Roman Reigns down our throats. A lot of complaints I’m seeing is that we think Roman doesn’t deserve the huge push he’s getting and many of us think he’s a horrible wrestler and performer. Many of us believe there are other superstars worthy of that push. The main event status.
  3. WWE fans are getting tired of the creative team burying talented wrestlers that they like for example stars like Asuka and Bobby Roode. Both of those stars were real hot in NXT but once they made it on the roster, it seems like WWE is trying to make them look bad all the time. Losing a lot of matches and things like that. Making them look weak. We’re tired of WWE making talented people look weak and that’s what’s been going on a lot.
  4. We’re fed up with the family-friendly bullshit and want the Attitude era back. Ya know, bring back the good wrestling, bring back the blood, bring back hardcore wrestling, bring back chair shots to the head, bring back sexy women, etc. WWE wants to ignore the wrestling part of it and that’s what we’re all getting frustrated on.
  5. Bad booking of matches and bad writing of story lines. Both are getting horrible lately, I’ll have to agree there. The ppvs have been shit lately as well. The story lines have been boring and stale lately except for the Kevin Owens vs. Braun Strowman feud which is actually entertaining but the rest of RAW? *yawn* RAW has been a real sleep fest lately.

Some of you know I’m a huge wrestling nerd. WWE needs to step their game up and give what the fans want if they want people watching again. I think Vince is out of touch with what the fans want.

I don’t blame the performers at all ’cause they’re all talented people (even Roman Reigns, I like the dude), it’s just the creative team is crap.

It’s sad to see how wrestling is today. That’s the thing, ya know? The wrestling industry changes all the time. It always does. I miss the old days of wrestling during the 80’s and 90’s when it used to be a blast to watch. On the WWE Network, I’ve been watching every episode of old-school WCW Monday Nitro back to back and I’m like 83 episodes in right now. Old WCW Nitro was classic stuff. I’m loving it ’cause I’ve never watched WCW before and thanks to the WWE Network, I get to watch it finally. I’m watching old WCW Nitro ’cause I want to learn the history of it as a wrestling nerd. If I want to be a true wrestling nerd, I gotta know WCW.

I love the WWE Network, though. It’s the best streaming service for sure. I got it for the old school wrestling ’cause that’s what I like. I prefer old-school than new wrestling anyways.


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