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Brock’s “Wrestlemania 28” predictions…

I don’t really care for this year’s “Wrestlemania 28” card. This year is crap. I’m only watching Wrestlemania for three matches that I’m looking forward to. Yes, that’s right, only three. They are: “Undertaker vs. Triple H – Hell In a Cell with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee”, “John Cena Vs. The Rock” and “CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho”. The other matches I’m not really too excited for.

The last couple of Wrestlemania’s haven’t been that great lately. Wrestlemania was only special during the 80’s and early 90’s during the attitude era, but since WWE became way too mainstream and family friendly with the PG rating, professional wrestling is no longer the same anymore. RAW really hasn’t been good anymore. I still watch Wrestlemania every year ’cause I still respect the performers and the business, even if I don’t like their creative direction.

Anyway, on with my predictions of the Wrestlemania 28 card for this Sunday, April 1st:

  • The Rock vs. Cena: This match never happened before, a dream match finally come true. This match was announced a year early but the year flew by fast. The Rock & Cena feuded all year long to help hype up the match. No matter what you think of the Rock and Cena, you know, they are going to put on the best match, and this will be an exciting one. I think Cena will take the win on this one. It will help keep the feud going and might help give Cena a heel turn. The Rock will challenge Cena for a rematch for next year’s ‘Mania.
  • The Undertaker vs. Triple H “Hell In A Cell” with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee: This is their third Wrestlemania match together. Everyone thinks Triple H will end the streak, but I think Undertaker will win, of course. The streak will stay alive until the Undertaker dies. This will be a good match though. Undertaker and Triple H has been in a Hell In a Cell match together before, that wasn’t on a Wrestlemania ppv.
  • CM Punk Vs. Jericho: I can’t wait for this one ’cause these are two performers that can actually wrestle. This will be one of the best matches of the night for sure. I think Jericho will take the win this time ’cause they’ve been making Jericho look like a loser ever since he first returned to WWE. It’s time for Y2J to come out on top!
  • Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus: This should be a pretty good match but it doesn’t feel like a Wrestlemania match. I don’t care for Daniel Bryan. Sheamus I do like though. I hope Sheamus gets it.
  • Cody Rhodes Vs. Big Show: Somehow I believe this match will be a quick one. This is one of the current feuds I don’t really care for and I don’t like Cody’s new gimmick. As far as who I think will win this one, probably Cody will beat Big Show with some help of some in ring interference.
  • Randy Orton vs. Kane: I don’t really enjoy this feud either. While, I’m glad that Kane put the mask back on, I don’t like how Randy is the mid card at this year’s Wrestlemania when he should be main event material. I think Randy will win this one ’cause it seems like WWE never gives Kane a chance to win on a big PPV.
  • Kelly Kelly & Maria vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve (Divas Match): Usually Diva matches on Wrestlemania are pretty quick. Beth Phoenix and Eve will get it for sure.

While I’m sure most of the ppv will suck, I’m sure there will be 1 or 2 really good matches. I’m surprised there are no celebrities being a part of a wrestling match this year, weird. Last year Snooki was a part of Wrestlemania, this year, no celebs. I think I know the reason. The answer is simple ’cause of the Rock. The Rock is not just a wrestler now, he’s a Hollywood movie star and full time celebrity. I guess WWE was afraid that other celebrities being part of matches would get overshadowed by the Rock.

I’m sure there will be celebrity appearances though, celebs has always been a huge part of Wrestlemania for years.


Thought: About the Royal Rumble and the upcoming Wrestlemania…

Yes, I did end up watching the “Royal Rumble” last night Sunday night and it was real good. I actually enjoyed it. I’m glad the WWE is finally giving the younger stars the push and recognition they deserve. Even though I don’t care for the PG rating, I still respect all the performers, because they work hard for what they do and they’re good at it. Like professional wrestling or not.

The matches before the 30 Man Rumble match, were pretty good too. I actually enjoyed John Cena vs. Kane, that was actually a well played match. Kane is back to wearing the mask and he’s more evil than before.

As for the 30 Man Rumble matchup, that was pretty exciting like always. A wrestler named, Sheamus, ended up getting the win. He’s the redheaded Irish wrestler who has the white skin. There was a couple of surprise returns though: Road Dog (of the New Age Outlaws), Kharma (formerly known as Awesome Kong), and Hacksaw Jim Duggan were the surprise appearances. Most of the wrestlers in the 30 Man Rumble matchup were, young guys and pretty new to the WWE. I’m glad they gave the newer and young stars, a chance. Sheamus, is a pretty new and young wrestler, and it’s about time they gave the Rumble someone new to win, ya know?

As for the upcoming Wrestlemania, I’m looking forward to the Rock vs. John Cena match. A dream match that everyone wanted to happen and now it’s happening soon. As much as I don’t like John Cena myself, I know Cena and the Rock are going to put on one hell of a match.

I did watch RAW last night, and the Undertaker returned, the night after the Royal Rumble. It looks like Undertaker will have a third match against Triple H, again.

I’ll get back to watching RAW every week leading up to Wrestlemania to catch up. Looking forward to WM-28. I watch Wrestlemania every year.


Report: Mick Foley defends John Cena…

There’s a lot of John Cena haters out there, but Mick Foley isn’t one of them. Mick Foley took the time to blog about defending John Cena’s wrestling skills and his work ethic in the wrestling business.

Read what Mick has to say about Cena, here.

I’m not much of a Cena fan either, but after reading what Mick wrote and thinking about it a while, I guess I’ll have a little change of heart with Cena. I’m kind of agreeing with, Mick, surprisingly.

Like Cena or not, he is a workaholic. Cena worked harder more than any other wrestler today. You also can’t deny that Cena had many great classic moments in the WWE. So will Cena become WWE Hall of Famer down the road? Absolutely!

Cena came a long way to get where he is right now. People maybe getting tired of WWE shoving him in our faces but WWE didn’t give him this for nothing. Cena is also a great mic worker. Some wrestling fans claim that there will never be a wrestler that will be in the same spotlight as The Rock and Stone Cold. Sorry, but I’m gonna have to say that Cena is already the next Rock/Stone Cold. Think about it.

I think Cena’s feud with CM Punk is the best feud in WWE in a long while. Both of those guys are on fire. Many wrestlers of today leave WWE ’cause of injuries, and some even quit, but Cena sticks around.

Cena’s not a bad performer that some people say he is. I guess I respect him.



Thought: Why this is a perfect time to turn John Cena heel…

Everyone wants John Cena to turn heel but WWE doesn’t want him the wrestler bad guy. Why? Because WWE is afraid they may lose ratings and they don’t want to lose the children who are fans of the wrestler. Plus, WWE is afraid they will lose merchandise sales if they turn him heel.

Honestly, I don’t think WWE should worry about that stuff, because turning Cena heel is exactly what the WWE needs right now. The fans hate him enough. He gets booed heavily at almost every WWE live show. I think it’s a perfect time for the switch. The only fans he has are children anyway. It’s mostly the adult wrestling fans who can’t stand the guy.

Turning Cena heel would make the business a lot better. How? It will certainly get people scratching their heads and tuning into RAW out of curiosity that Cena is the bad guy. I don’t think Cena will lose ratings or merchandise sales either. I mean, when the Nexus group were around, they were considered bad guys but their T-shirt merchandise sales were pretty high. People were buying Nexus shirts even though they were heels. The same will happen with Cena.

With Cena being the heel, instead of having bright colored shirts, hats and wrist bands… Cena would probably make the switch to dark colored hats, shirts, and wrist bands. In order to be heel, I think he’ll need to wear mostly black clothing.

Cena was heel before. He was heel when he first started in WWE way back. I think he is a better actor at being a heel than he is as a babyface superhero.

I can see a heel Cena bullying young children at ringside, saying, “I’m not your hero anymore”. Turning Cena heel would put an interesting twist to his feud against CM Punk and the Rock.

The question is will we ever see Cena turn heel? I certainly hope so someday. Hopefully before Wrestlemania-28, we get a Cena heel turn. I want him to be a heel like everyone else ’cause his modern day Hulk Hogan gimmick is getting old and boring already.

WWE RAW is getting really good again. I’ve been enjoying it lately probably because of CM Punk, he’s a phenomenal performer and one of the bests.


Thought: Is WWE borrowing storylines from TNA’s “Impact Wrestling”????

Last night on RAW, it ended with Vince McMahon being fired as WWE CEO/Chairman by the board of directors, announced by Triple H. Last night, Vince came out in the ring to address CM Punk’s winning of the WWE Championship belt from the “Money In the Bank” PPV match he had against John Cena. Well, CM punk won the match and became the new WWE Champion. However, CM Punk left the WWE with the championship belt.

Read the full story, here.

Last year, Dixie Carter who is boss of TNA’s “Impact Wrestling” got fired by the board of directors when Hogan/Bischoff announced it. Then Hogan/Bischoff are now taking over TNA as owners. It seems that WWE is doing the same thing now.

Now that Vince is no longer CEO/Chairman, Triple H is Vince’s replacement.

There’s a lot of people believing all of this is real, because WWE is doing a good job making it seem like it was real with all the “kayfabe” thrown in.

I don’t think Vince McMahon is really fired. It’s a storyline. Vince is owner of WWE in real life and the only way for him to leave is to sell the company. So there’s no way he could be fired. TNA “Impact Wrestling” have been stealing storylines from WWE in the past, so maybe this is WWE’s payback at TNA?


WWE to bring their classic Ice Cream Bars back???

Last night on RAW, CM Punk delivered another classic promo in the ring once again. CM Punk is on fire the last couple of weeks. His performing in the ring is getting so good. While the current direction of the PG rating sucks, CM Punk is the best thing going right now.

Last night’s RAW, there was a first ever contract negotiation between him and Mr. McMahon in the ring last night. Story wise, McMahon wanted to bring back CM Punk full time so in order to bring back CM Punk (he was going to leave WWE with the WWE Championship belt), Punk added some extra provisions to his contract. Punk mentioned the provisions that he wanted to be in the main event at Wrestlemania, star in the movie, “The Chaperone 2” and he wanted his own merchandise. Best of all, he mentioned to McMahon that he wanted to bring back the classic WWE Ice Cream Bars.

Punk said from last night:

“(Provision) Number two, I want my face to be on everything,” Punk said to McMahon. “I want my face on the Titantron. I want my face on these turnbuckles. I want cups, posters, spoons, knives, forks, shoes, socks, I want everything with my face on it. Number one thing being I want you to bring back the WWE Ice Cream Bars.”

All this come in a rage with CM Punk because he hated seeing John Cena on everything in WWE.When CM Punk mentioned “WWE Ice Cream Bars”, the WWE crowd went wild and they gave CM Punk a standing ovation for that even though he is meant to be a heel.

So is this a hint that WWE could be bringing back the classic Ice Cream bars they use to sell at WWE live events and grocery stores? I think the Ice Cream Bars deserve to come back because with the PG rating and WWE is now popular with children, it’s a big chance that Ice Cream Bars could sell really good. Plus, they deserve to comeback so they can have the current Superstars on the ice cream bars.

While I don’t like John Cena like most people, I am liking this feud with CM Punk vs. Cena. Finally a good feud for Cena that is not boring. I’ll look for the video in youtube from last night’s segment.


Sorry, but John Cena is not going to turn heel anytime soon…

I know a lot of people want to see John Cena turn heel but it’s not gonna happen. WWE wouldn’t let it. Why? Not only that he’s popular for children and help sells WWE merchandise, another reason, that he’s helping to bring the “Fruity Pebbles” breakfast cereal more publicity. On RAW lately, he’s using “Fruity Pebbles” as his new catchphrase to promote the famous breakfast cereal. This is very good publicity for “Fruity Pebbles”. John Cena using them as a catchphrase is gonna help sky rocket sales for “Fruity Pebbles”, and the next thing you know, pretty soon, John Cena himself will be on the cover of “Fruity Pebbles” boxes.

I’m pretty sure that Post Foods LLC, the makers of “Pretty Pebbles” are very flattered that the WWE is giving them publicity. So if you’re hoping for a John Cena heel turn, don’t get your hopes up. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see a John Cena heel turn, but another reason if Cena turns heel, WWE could lose all the promotions, sponsors and marketing of other companies. Cena is very valuable as a babyface to the WWE, and I think they’ll keep Cena a babyface for the rest of his career.


BREAKING NEWS: The Rock vs. John Cena confirmed for “Wrestlemania 28” main event!!!

Well, tonight’s ending to RAW came out with a huge surprise. The main event for “Wrestlemania 28” which will take place in Miami, FL is going to be John Cena vs. The Rock. The dream match that fans have been wanting to happen for years. It’s finally happening. They announced the main event a year early to help hype up WM-28 early. Pretty smart. The match we’ve all dreamed of is finally confirmed. We can all expect the Rock to win this match because “WM-28” is in his hometown of Miami. Miami is where the Rock grew up. This is really weird. A Wrestlemania main event announced a year early, this never happened before indeed. History making!

Edit to add: What’s gonna happen is that the Rock is probably going to leave WWE again for a year to go film his movies, then he’ll make another return around WM-28 happens.


Cool Video: The Rock responds to John Cena with an emotional message…

The Rock responded to John Cena last night on RAW via video satellite. This is one of the Rock’s best speeches in a long time. He gave an emotional one. The Rock was angry and sad at the same time in this video, and Dwayne did a great acting job showing that. You can tell that Dwayne’s film career is helping his wrestling speeches get better. You can feel the Rock’s emotion. I also loved how he explained why he left WWE to open doors for other wrestlers and even defended Cena a little bit.

Even though it’s confirmed that the Miz will wrestle Cena for the WWE Champ at WM-27, maybe that will change and have the Rock vs. Cena instead. Hopefully. Wrestlemania cards do change sometimes, so ya never know.


How long does the Rock plan on sticking with WWE?

I’m guessing the Rock’s return to WWE is full time, at least for a long while. I believe Dwayne is taking a break from Hollywood so he can return for us wrestling fans. People may think he’ll just be around for Wrestlemania and then leave WWE again to go back to Hollywood, but I don’t think so. I think he plans on sticking around longer than that.

If he was just in WWE for part time then, Dwayne wouldn’t have made his official facebook page and twitter, which is promoting his wrestling career, not acting in film. Plus, more evidence that Dwayne plans on sticking around longer is that WWE made a new Titantron entrance video for him, shown below.

I think he wants to have one last match against John Cena. Which will be cool. A Rock vs. Cena feud never happened before and it’s about time that it should happen. I would like that feud to happen even if I’m no fan of Cena either. We need to prove who the real wrestling icon is. Cena is no wrestling icon, he’s just a poser. The Rock is the true wrestling icon, we all know that.

I’m happy to finally see the Rock back ’cause it’s getting old having Cena take over the whole show all the time. Triple H will be returning soon too, so we’ll soon have some of the big main eventers back. I don’t think the Rock will wrestle matches,  he’s just at WWE to perform. It might be possible that he could have his final and last match against Cena though. Cena vs. The Rock should be the main event at WM-27, but it’s probably gonna be Cena vs. The Miz w/ the Rock as special guest referee.