BREAKING NEWS: The Rock vs. John Cena confirmed for “Wrestlemania 28” main event!!!

Well, tonight’s ending to RAW came out with a huge surprise. The main event for “Wrestlemania 28” which will take place in Miami, FL is going to be John Cena vs. The Rock. The dream match that fans have been wanting to happen for years. It’s finally happening. They announced the main event a year early to help hype up WM-28 early. Pretty smart. The match we’ve all dreamed of is finally confirmed. We can all expect the Rock to win this match because “WM-28” is in his hometown of Miami. Miami is where the Rock grew up. This is really weird. A Wrestlemania main event announced a year early, this never happened before indeed. History making!

Edit to add: What’s gonna happen is that the Rock is probably going to leave WWE again for a year to go film his movies, then he’ll make another return around WM-28 happens.


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