Brock’s “Wrestlemania 28” predictions…

I don’t really care for this year’s “Wrestlemania 28” card. This year is crap. I’m only watching Wrestlemania for three matches that I’m looking forward to. Yes, that’s right, only three. They are: “Undertaker vs. Triple H – Hell In a Cell with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee”, “John Cena Vs. The Rock” and “CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho”. The other matches I’m not really too excited for.

The last couple of Wrestlemania’s haven’t been that great lately. Wrestlemania was only special during the 80’s and early 90’s during the attitude era, but since WWE became way too mainstream and family friendly with the PG rating, professional wrestling is no longer the same anymore. RAW really hasn’t been good anymore. I still watch Wrestlemania every year ’cause I still respect the performers and the business, even if I don’t like their creative direction.

Anyway, on with my predictions of the Wrestlemania 28 card for this Sunday, April 1st:

  • The Rock vs. Cena: This match never happened before, a dream match finally come true. This match was announced a year early but the year flew by fast. The Rock & Cena feuded all year long to help hype up the match. No matter what you think of the Rock and Cena, you know, they are going to put on the best match, and this will be an exciting one. I think Cena will take the win on this one. It will help keep the feud going and might help give Cena a heel turn. The Rock will challenge Cena for a rematch for next year’s ‘Mania.
  • The Undertaker vs. Triple H “Hell In A Cell” with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee: This is their third Wrestlemania match together. Everyone thinks Triple H will end the streak, but I think Undertaker will win, of course. The streak will stay alive until the Undertaker dies. This will be a good match though. Undertaker and Triple H has been in a Hell In a Cell match together before, that wasn’t on a Wrestlemania ppv.
  • CM Punk Vs. Jericho: I can’t wait for this one ’cause these are two performers that can actually wrestle. This will be one of the best matches of the night for sure. I think Jericho will take the win this time ’cause they’ve been making Jericho look like a loser ever since he first returned to WWE. It’s time for Y2J to come out on top!
  • Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus: This should be a pretty good match but it doesn’t feel like a Wrestlemania match. I don’t care for Daniel Bryan. Sheamus I do like though. I hope Sheamus gets it.
  • Cody Rhodes Vs. Big Show: Somehow I believe this match will be a quick one. This is one of the current feuds I don’t really care for and I don’t like Cody’s new gimmick. As far as who I think will win this one, probably Cody will beat Big Show with some help of some in ring interference.
  • Randy Orton vs. Kane: I don’t really enjoy this feud either. While, I’m glad that Kane put the mask back on, I don’t like how Randy is the mid card at this year’s Wrestlemania when he should be main event material. I think Randy will win this one ’cause it seems like WWE never gives Kane a chance to win on a big PPV.
  • Kelly Kelly & Maria vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve (Divas Match): Usually Diva matches on Wrestlemania are pretty quick. Beth Phoenix and Eve will get it for sure.

While I’m sure most of the ppv will suck, I’m sure there will be 1 or 2 really good matches. I’m surprised there are no celebrities being a part of a wrestling match this year, weird. Last year Snooki was a part of Wrestlemania, this year, no celebs. I think I know the reason. The answer is simple ’cause of the Rock. The Rock is not just a wrestler now, he’s a Hollywood movie star and full time celebrity. I guess WWE was afraid that other celebrities being part of matches would get overshadowed by the Rock.

I’m sure there will be celebrity appearances though, celebs has always been a huge part of Wrestlemania for years.


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