WWE to bring their classic Ice Cream Bars back???

Last night on RAW, CM Punk delivered another classic promo in the ring once again. CM Punk is on fire the last couple of weeks. His performing in the ring is getting so good. While the current direction of the PG rating sucks, CM Punk is the best thing going right now.

Last night’s RAW, there was a first ever contract negotiation between him and Mr. McMahon in the ring last night. Story wise, McMahon wanted to bring back CM Punk full time so in order to bring back CM Punk (he was going to leave WWE with the WWE Championship belt), Punk added some extra provisions to his contract. Punk mentioned the provisions that he wanted to be in the main event at Wrestlemania, star in the movie, “The Chaperone 2” and he wanted his own merchandise. Best of all, he mentioned to McMahon that he wanted to bring back the classic WWE Ice Cream Bars.

Punk said from last night:

“(Provision) Number two, I want my face to be on everything,” Punk said to McMahon. “I want my face on the Titantron. I want my face on these turnbuckles. I want cups, posters, spoons, knives, forks, shoes, socks, I want everything with my face on it. Number one thing being I want you to bring back the WWE Ice Cream Bars.”

All this come in a rage with CM Punk because he hated seeing John Cena on everything in WWE.When CM Punk mentioned “WWE Ice Cream Bars”, the WWE crowd went wild and they gave CM Punk a standing ovation for that even though he is meant to be a heel.

So is this a hint that WWE could be bringing back the classic Ice Cream bars they use to sell at WWE live events and grocery stores? I think the Ice Cream Bars deserve to come back because with the PG rating and WWE is now popular with children, it’s a big chance that Ice Cream Bars could sell really good. Plus, they deserve to comeback so they can have the current Superstars on the ice cream bars.

While I don’t like John Cena like most people, I am liking this feud with CM Punk vs. Cena. Finally a good feud for Cena that is not boring. I’ll look for the video in youtube from last night’s segment.


One thought on “WWE to bring their classic Ice Cream Bars back???”

  1. yes once again another great promo form Punk. and as i was watching it i thought to my self isn’t punk a heel? but it would be great to get the new stars on the ice cream bars.

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