BREAKING NEWS: “Evil Dead 4” is it really happening? Seems that production has already started!!

Huge movie news has been announced today! Dread Central horror film website, was the first to announce that longtime editor for director Sam Raimi, Bob Murawski headed out to Detroit to begin work on the 4th Evil Dead film. Look like Sam Raimi gave him the “go”.Bob says the 4th movie will be much like the first two. Indie and low budget.

Bruce Campbell himself was quick to respond to it on his twitter page. He said he’ll believe it when he sees it. Plus, he pointed out that it could be a remake of the first one, not the 4th one of the trilogy.

Dread Central, reports.

I hope it isn’t a remake. I hope it’s the 4th one of the trilogy. I’m sure the 4th movie won’t be a high budgeted special effects movie ’cause that would ruin the Evil Dead series. It needs to be low budget with hand held cameras like the first two.

That would be badass if Bruce returns as Ash. I hope Sam and Bruce will re-team for Evil Dead 4, I’ll be keeping an eye on this news.


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