Report: Mick Foley defends John Cena…

There’s a lot of John Cena haters out there, but Mick Foley isn’t one of them. Mick Foley took the time to blog about defending John Cena’s wrestling skills and his work ethic in the wrestling business.

Read what Mick has to say about Cena, here.

I’m not much of a Cena fan either, but after reading what Mick wrote and thinking about it a while, I guess I’ll have a little change of heart with Cena. I’m kind of agreeing with, Mick, surprisingly.

Like Cena or not, he is a workaholic. Cena worked harder more than any other wrestler today. You also can’t deny that Cena had many great classic moments in the WWE. So will Cena become WWE Hall of Famer down the road? Absolutely!

Cena came a long way to get where he is right now. People maybe getting tired of WWE shoving him in our faces but WWE didn’t give him this for nothing. Cena is also a great mic worker. Some wrestling fans claim that there will never be a wrestler that will be in the same spotlight as The Rock and Stone Cold. Sorry, but I’m gonna have to say that Cena is already the next Rock/Stone Cold. Think about it.

I think Cena’s feud with CM Punk is the best feud in WWE in a long while. Both of those guys are on fire. Many wrestlers of today leave WWE ’cause of injuries, and some even quit, but Cena sticks around.

Cena’s not a bad performer that some people say he is. I guess I respect him.



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