How long does the Rock plan on sticking with WWE?

I’m guessing the Rock’s return to WWE is full time, at least for a long while. I believe Dwayne is taking a break from Hollywood so he can return for us wrestling fans. People may think he’ll just be around for Wrestlemania and then leave WWE again to go back to Hollywood, but I don’t think so. I think he plans on sticking around longer than that.

If he was just in WWE for part time then, Dwayne wouldn’t have made his official facebook page and twitter, which is promoting his wrestling career, not acting in film. Plus, more evidence that Dwayne plans on sticking around longer is that WWE made a new Titantron entrance video for him, shown below.

I think he wants to have one last match against John Cena. Which will be cool. A Rock vs. Cena feud never happened before and it’s about time that it should happen. I would like that feud to happen even if I’m no fan of Cena either. We need to prove who the real wrestling icon is. Cena is no wrestling icon, he’s just a poser. The Rock is the true wrestling icon, we all know that.

I’m happy to finally see the Rock back ’cause it’s getting old having Cena take over the whole show all the time. Triple H will be returning soon too, so we’ll soon have some of the big main eventers back. I don’t think the Rock will wrestle matches,  he’s just at WWE to perform. It might be possible that he could have his final and last match against Cena though. Cena vs. The Rock should be the main event at WM-27, but it’s probably gonna be Cena vs. The Miz w/ the Rock as special guest referee.


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