Thought: Why this is a perfect time to turn John Cena heel…

Everyone wants John Cena to turn heel but WWE doesn’t want him the wrestler bad guy. Why? Because WWE is afraid they may lose ratings and they don’t want to lose the children who are fans of the wrestler. Plus, WWE is afraid they will lose merchandise sales if they turn him heel.

Honestly, I don’t think WWE should worry about that stuff, because turning Cena heel is exactly what the WWE needs right now. The fans hate him enough. He gets booed heavily at almost every WWE live show. I think it’s a perfect time for the switch. The only fans he has are children anyway. It’s mostly the adult wrestling fans who can’t stand the guy.

Turning Cena heel would make the business a lot better. How? It will certainly get people scratching their heads and tuning into RAW out of curiosity that Cena is the bad guy. I don’t think Cena will lose ratings or merchandise sales either. I mean, when the Nexus group were around, they were considered bad guys but their T-shirt merchandise sales were pretty high. People were buying Nexus shirts even though they were heels. The same will happen with Cena.

With Cena being the heel, instead of having bright colored shirts, hats and wrist bands… Cena would probably make the switch to dark colored hats, shirts, and wrist bands. In order to be heel, I think he’ll need to wear mostly black clothing.

Cena was heel before. He was heel when he first started in WWE way back. I think he is a better actor at being a heel than he is as a babyface superhero.

I can see a heel Cena bullying young children at ringside, saying, “I’m not your hero anymore”. Turning Cena heel would put an interesting twist to his feud against CM Punk and the Rock.

The question is will we ever see Cena turn heel? I certainly hope so someday. Hopefully before Wrestlemania-28, we get a Cena heel turn. I want him to be a heel like everyone else ’cause his modern day Hulk Hogan gimmick is getting old and boring already.

WWE RAW is getting really good again. I’ve been enjoying it lately probably because of CM Punk, he’s a phenomenal performer and one of the bests.


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