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Royal Rumble review…

So I watched the “Royal Rumble” last night. Although the ppv was too predictable like always, it was still fun to see. So Alberto Del Rio, a new and young Mexican wrestler ended up getting the win after all! Even if I said, HBK Shawn Michaels was going to win in that predictions video I did, I kind of called it on Alberto Del Rio first before I changed my mind and named Shawn Michaels instead. Check my tweet. I posted that tweet before I made that predictions video. So in a way, I’m right about Alberto anyway. I’m glad WWE gave it to Alberto. He deserves it. At least WWE finally gave the opportunity to someone new & different. It’s getting very boring seeing John Cena or Randy Orton win at the end of almost every ppv, all the time. I like that Alberto guy, he is a great performer and he’s going to be a huge star quick. We have a new upcoming WWE Champion on our hands.

It was a great Rumble last night. The surprising superstar returns we got last night were just Kevin Nash aka Diesel “Big Daddy Cool” and Booker T, came back. I believe both are back full time, not a one off. Kevin Nash aka Diesel was the only legend that showed up. We didn’t get Hacksaw, Jimmy Snuka, Million Dollar Man, etc. None of those guys. Although there were a lot of rumors of Triple H and Christian being there last night, we didn’t get them either. Look like they are trying to make Triple H’s return unpredictable and not expecting. Triple H will be back, only when it’s a good time. Could the reason Triple H didn’t come back yet is because, he might be the Anonymous RAW GM after all? Could be. Never know.

Anyway, I was kind of hoping the Royal Rumble was going to have the New Nexus and CM Punk be dominate toward the end, so they and John Cena can be the last in the ring, but that didn’t happen. All the Nexus guys got taken out. So who ended up being the last two guys in the ring?

Santino Marrella and Alberto Del Rio were the last two. I know a lot of wrestling fans don’t like that idea, but I love it. Give some of the younger guys a chance for the spotlight. The younger guys deserve to main event more and it’s great that WWE is finally making that happen.

On with the other matches on the card, I liked Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler. I was right on that prediction. I knew Edge was going retain. It was a long match too, fun and exciting. I also liked Randy Orton vs. The Miz, I too was right on that prediction, the Miz retained, of course. As for the Divas match, I was wrong on that prediction. That was the only match I was wrong on. Eve Torres ended up getting the win for the Divas belt. Awesome Kong didn’t make her debut yet at the Rumble. Weird. Everyone was expecting Kong to make her debut but she didn’t show. Like WWE wants to keep her upcoming debut unpredictable too.

It was a pretty good Rumble last night. So it’s gonna be Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz for Wrestlemania? That’s what it’s looking like. Good job WWE. WWE is getting better.


Thought: Brock reviews last night’s WWE RAW…

Man, RAW is getting so much better, I’m so proud of WWE. If WWE can keep up the great work like this, the company will get everyone’s respect again. On RAW last night, started off with a Championship match between The Miz vs. John Morrison. It was such an awesome match, very well played by both men. Of course, the Miz, won, but it was still an excellent match. John Morrison did a really good bump by jumping off on top of the WWE logo on the stage. It felt like a PPV match and a great way to kick off RAW.

The main event that ended RAW was a steel cage match with 3 wrestlers: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus. It was a pretty long match too, also felt like a ppv match. Of course, CM Punk interfered when Wade Barret was going to score the victory but CM Punk pushed Barrett down from the cage, costing him the opportunity to be part of the 30 Man Royal Rumble match up.

All the other matches last night were fun and entertaining too.

Wow. Ever since the WWE ditched celebrity guest hosts, they’ve been doing a great job on their shows so far. Even John Cena wasn’t on last night. See? WWE can do good without Cena. They don’t need Cena around to bring up ratings. All they need is good story lines and good wrestling. It’s pretty nice that the WWE is concentrating on good wrestling for the past couple of weeks and that’s what I want to see.

Congrats to the WWE creative team. Keep up the great work.


Thought: Dave Batista is the RAW anonymous General Manager, pretty sure it’s him…

So the RAW GM is definitely not Michael Cole, Jim Ross, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley. So we can cross them off the list. I think I’m going to make my last and final prediction on who the RAW anonymous GM is. I think it’s none other than Dave Batista. Why? Notice how the Anonymous GM is siding with Nexus and is always against John Cena? The last time John Cena was WWE Champion, who did Cena take the belt from? That’s right. It was Dave Batista that he took the WWE Championship from. It was at the last Wrestlemania where they had a main event match together.

So Dave Batista is coming back at Cena for revenge, but story wise, he wanted to do it anonymously, so Cena wouldn’t know who it is. The Anonymous GM is targeting Cena all the time. I can’t see no other wrestler hating on Cena other than Dave Batista. Batista is the only wrestler that hates Cena story wise. Cena and Batista had a very long history, they’ve feuded for years. I think I’m right on the money this time that the GM is no one other than, Batista.

Yeah, I know Batista left WWE for a while to try and strike up a deal with MMA Strikeforce, but that haven’t happened yet as far as I know. So that could be the reason that Batista could possibly be coming back soon. Maybe not as a full time wrestler, but as a full time performer. On top of that, I miss Dave in the WWE and didn’t understand why he left when he was at the top of his game during his last run. His mic skills has gotten way better and he was pretty entertaining even if he was a real badguy, a heel.

Everybody wants the GM to be Triple H or the Rock, but that would make everything too predictable and would lose the excitement. If they used Batista as the GM, that would make it unpredictable and not expecting.


Brock is going to WWE RAW in Albany, on Dec. 27th…

A family member of mine won tickets off a radio station to see Monday Night RAW at the Times Union Center on Dec. 27th and she’s giving them to me since she knows I’m a huge wrestling fan. I’m definitely going. I like seeing WWE shows live in person, it’s definitely much more fun seeing their shows live than on TV! Am I ready to see John Cena hog up the whole show, the Nexus and Michael Cole reading Anonymous GM e-mails off a laptop? Yes, I guess so. Hopefully, Triple H returns to WWE before then so I can see him live in Albany, that would rock.

The main event booked for that night is a WWE Championship match between: Randy Orton vs. The Miz vs. Wade Barrett, but we all know that John Cena is somehow going to be involved in that match. Hopefully Vince McMahon will be there to perform if he returns to TV before then.

Shall be an exciting show and looking forward to it. Should I bring a sign to hold up for the TV? Not sure, I’ll do that or not. Maybe.


For the record, I don’t hate John Cena…

Seriously, I don’t hate John Cena. I’ll admittedly respect him. This is the god honest truth. I don’t hate Cena, I just want WWE to stop using him so much. Cut Cena some slack and give someone else a chance to hit the superstar, big time.

I know a lot of people hate Cena, but in reality, he is one performer that should be respected. WWE uses him a lot for a reason. As long as he’s getting a mix of boos and cheers from the crowds, that’s the reason right there WWE keeps using him. If nobody cared, then WWE wouldn’t continue to push him. Like it or not, Cena has gotten bigger than the Rock and Stone Cold. Maybe not bigger than Hogan, but Cena definitely topped the Rock and Stone Cold for sure. You can’t deny that Cena did have some brilliant and historic ppv matches.

John Cena matches are best when he has them against Randy Orton. Cena did come a long way. People accuse Cena of knowing just a few moves but if people get their facts straight, Cena has years of wrestling experience before he signed to WWE back in 2002. In the year 2000, Cena went to, “Ultimate University” which is a wrestling school, the school where he learned it all from. He then went to OVW wrestling to train for WWE. I’m pretty sure he knows plenty of wrestling moves, he’s pretty skilled. He just uses the few that is right for the character he plays on RAW.

Watch these videos, the early days of John Cena before WWE, I’ll post his WWE debut too. Notice how Cena’s wrestling style is different back then? Notice how he was a better wrestler in the old days?

Cena didn’t become an icon for nothing. It took him a long road to get where he is today. As you can see, Cena and Orton go way back.



Cool Video: John Cena to come back to WWE under a new gimmick, Juan Cena…

How will John Cena come back to WWE TV after being fired by the Anonymous General Manager and Wade Barrett of the Nexus? Cena will be coming back under a new gimmick. He will be disguised in a Mexican costume and will be renamed, Juan Cena. A Mexican gimmick. It’s to hide the John Cena identity, as a way to come back to WWE to feud with the Nexus some more.

Remember, the Hulk Hogan/Mr. America storyline? It’s the same thing as that. As usual, the WWE can never come up with original storylines, they just keep rehashing old ones.

Here’s the Juan Cena, theme song, a Mexican version of John’s original version.

I love how some people online, think John Cena is really fired, when it’s all part of a storyline and part of a script. John’s not really fired. Remember, WWE has done this “you’re fired” storyline to many superstars in the past: Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, etc. Again, nothing new, rehashing old storylines.

Cena will probably be on RAW tonight. Not sure if he will be in this new gimmick yet though.


Edit to add:

Here’s John Cena as the Juan Cena masked gimmick at a RAW House show, a non televised event….

Thought: About the Miz becoming WWE Champion part II…

Another reason,  why the Miz was made, WWE Champion is because he used to be associated with MTV in the past. He was a former “Real World” star. Then he went on WWE’s Tough Enough, another wrestling reality show where wrestler hopefuls train to get a contract in WWE. Miz was sent to OVW to further his wrestling skills in hopes of getting signed to WWE. Miz becoming Champion in WWE just recently is a ploy to help market WWE in a huge way since he was a former Real World star. WWE knew Miz becoming Champion would be all over mainstream news. Hoping to get more ratings and more merchandise sales.

All the internet has been talking about lately is the Miz becoming WWE Champion, and I’m not just talking about wrestling community websites. The Miz is even being talked about everywhere, even on TMZ. I know a lot of people like him and a lot of people hope he may become the next Stone Cold/Rock, but I can think of plenty of other younger wrestlers that can easily fill in Stone Cold’s/Rock’s spotlight. Like I said in the previous post, the Miz is not my favorite wrestler. As I said, I don’t think Miz will have a long title reign.

I think there are other young wrestlers that are better than the Miz. Who? I like Ezekiel Jackson, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, and that redhead wrestler, Sheamus.

While I don’t agree with Miz being the Champ, I still give WWE props for finally giving the belt to someone different other than Randy Orton and John Cena all the time. I’m sure Cena will get it back, it’s only a matter of time. Just wait.


Thought: Get with it wrestling fans, John Cena is the RAW Anonymous GM, who else would it be???

Storyline wise, John Cena has been fired from the WWE because he is under Wade Barrett’s control. Not anymore. John Cena called the Survivor Series match right down the middle as he promised, so he helped Randy Orton retained. So that makes Cena fired from WWE if he didn’t follow Wade Barrett’s orders while being member of the Nexus.

How would it make more sense to bring Cena back to TV storyline wise? Could Vince McMahon bring Cena back? Pretty unlikely since Vince McMahon haven’t been on TV in a long while plus Vince hates Cena storyline wise. The RAW Anonymous GM wouldn’t bring Cena back ’cause the GM was the one who kept that rule that if Cena doesn’t follow Wade’s orders, he’d be fired.

So why would Cena sacrifice his career storywise? He’ll take a little break from TV for a few weeks just to go with this storyline, and then he’ll get revealed as the RAW Anonymous GM. How would it make sense that Cena would be the GM? Well think about it. The last time Vince McMahon was on TV, he got his ass kicked by the Nexus. Vince knows how much Cena hates the Nexus and knows how much Cena wants to destroy them. Notice, how the GM has been busting on the Nexus a lot, a Cena hint? YES! Cena being revealed as the GM would explain him coming back from the firing.

For those hoping the GM would be Warrior, Bret Hart, or Triple H. Don’t get your hopes up. Don’t be surprised that the GM could be none other than Cena. After reading about Survivor Series and seeing tonight’s RAW, and how this storyline is going, I’m beginning to see that the GM could be Cena. Sorry to disappoint you Cena haters out there.


John Cena heel turn on the way? Sorry folks, I just can’t see it happening!

I didn’t watch last night’s WWE “Hell in a Cell” ppv for a few reasons. One reason, I’m trying to cut down on ppv’s. Another reason, I was worried that John Cena will win and become the hero again like he usually is on WWE ppvs. Turns out, I was wrong. I’m sure everyone else thought John Cena was going to win his match against Wade Barret. The thing is, if John Cena loses the match, he is forced to join Nexus. If Cena won, Nexus would be over. Turns out that Wade Barret won, and Cena will have to join Nexus tonight on RAW. Will Cena wear the black t-shirt with the N symbol on the front of it? He probably will. Some may think that Cena maybe turning heel very soon, but I don’t see it happening. Cena will pretend to be heel for a little while, then one day, he will stab them in the back and become a hero again. Cena is too popular with children. He sells a lot of merchandise, plus, Cena is doing movies. Maybe Cena will be a full time heel for a long while, don’t know, I don’t think it’s possible.

I read the results of “Hell in a Cell” ppv last night and it didn’t sound like a very good ppv. Glad I didn’t watch it.