Royal Rumble review…

So I watched the “Royal Rumble” last night. Although the ppv was too predictable like always, it was still fun to see. So Alberto Del Rio, a new and young Mexican wrestler ended up getting the win after all! Even if I said, HBK Shawn Michaels was going to win in that predictions video I did, I kind of called it on Alberto Del Rio first before I changed my mind and named Shawn Michaels instead. Check my tweet. I posted that tweet before I made that predictions video. So in a way, I’m right about Alberto anyway. I’m glad WWE gave it to Alberto. He deserves it. At least WWE finally gave the opportunity to someone new & different. It’s getting very boring seeing John Cena or Randy Orton win at the end of almost every ppv, all the time. I like that Alberto guy, he is a great performer and he’s going to be a huge star quick. We have a new upcoming WWE Champion on our hands.

It was a great Rumble last night. The surprising superstar returns we got last night were just Kevin Nash aka Diesel “Big Daddy Cool” and Booker T, came back. I believe both are back full time, not a one off. Kevin Nash aka Diesel was the only legend that showed up. We didn’t get Hacksaw, Jimmy Snuka, Million Dollar Man, etc. None of those guys. Although there were a lot of rumors of Triple H and Christian being there last night, we didn’t get them either. Look like they are trying to make Triple H’s return unpredictable and not expecting. Triple H will be back, only when it’s a good time. Could the reason Triple H didn’t come back yet is because, he might be the Anonymous RAW GM after all? Could be. Never know.

Anyway, I was kind of hoping the Royal Rumble was going to have the New Nexus and CM Punk be dominate toward the end, so they and John Cena can be the last in the ring, but that didn’t happen. All the Nexus guys got taken out. So who ended up being the last two guys in the ring?

Santino Marrella and Alberto Del Rio were the last two. I know a lot of wrestling fans don’t like that idea, but I love it. Give some of the younger guys a chance for the spotlight. The younger guys deserve to main event more and it’s great that WWE is finally making that happen.

On with the other matches on the card, I liked Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler. I was right on that prediction. I knew Edge was going retain. It was a long match too, fun and exciting. I also liked Randy Orton vs. The Miz, I too was right on that prediction, the Miz retained, of course. As for the Divas match, I was wrong on that prediction. That was the only match I was wrong on. Eve Torres ended up getting the win for the Divas belt. Awesome Kong didn’t make her debut yet at the Rumble. Weird. Everyone was expecting Kong to make her debut but she didn’t show. Like WWE wants to keep her upcoming debut unpredictable too.

It was a pretty good Rumble last night. So it’s gonna be Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz for Wrestlemania? That’s what it’s looking like. Good job WWE. WWE is getting better.


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