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In defense of Dave Batista winning the Royal Rumble last night…

So last night was not only the Grammy Awards, there was also a WWE ppv last night called the Royal Rumble where 30 men fight in the ring at the same time. You’ve probably heard of the Royal Rumble before and know what the rules are right? Last man standing in the ring is the winner. The winner ended up being Dave Batista aka The Animal who is known as a heel/badguy kind of wrestler.

I didn’t watch the ppv since I don’t watch WWE anymore and I heard when the 30 man Rumble match got over with Batista got pretty strong boos from the crowd. Batista is a pretty big guy… large muscles and all. Google him. Batista came back from the WWE after a long hiatus ’cause he wanted to start a movie career and he’s been in a few major films already.

Sure enough the whole internet of the wrestling community is mad that Batista won the Rumble. To be honest, I think it’s a good choice and he deserved to win and be a huge part of Wrestlemania. I liked Batista. He’s a good performer and one of the best wrestling bad guys out there, in my opinion. He has good mic skills. He’s a bad guy that you love to hate.

The thing with WWE is they love to give the bad guy wrestlers a huge push. That’s what they did with CM Punk, Triple H, and Randy Orton when they were heels. They gave them so much screen time and gave the bad guy wrestlers the opportunity to win all the big ppvs. This is just Vince’s thing, ya know? Personally, I find the bad guy wrestlers more entertaining than the good guys. If WWE is pissing a lot of fans off even the smart fans, then they are doing their jobs. That’s what heel wrestlers are supposed to do. Piss off the fans. They’ve been doing this stuff for years. Pushing the bad guys to the extremes.

Bad guys in professional wrestling is all part of entertainment. If there were no bad guy wrestlers, then professional wrestling would be boring as hell and nobody would care if everybody were good guys. There are even bad guys in all fighting sports like MMA and boxing (like Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather Jr., perfect examples) as well.

Yes, bad guys in WWE are just a storyline but that’s the thing a lot  of people in this day and age mistakenly wants to believe that everything in WWE is real. That’s how the WWE wants to make you think. They control your mind and they want you to believe what they do is real. They don’t believe in the “fake” word.

I stopped watching WWE not because the bad guys keep getting pushed… I stopped watching ’cause the story lines were getting really bad and didn’t like the direction they’re headed into but with this Batista thing, I’m thinking about watching again, not sure. Sounds like an interesting wrestling angle they’re doing.

I never took what WWE did seriously ’cause I know it’s just a show. If I want to cheer on the bad guys and support them, I’ll have no problem doing just that. The heel wrestlers put on a better show than the good guys, anyways. I haven’t been watching for at least a year now and feel good about it.


Report: Dave Batista lands huge movie role, he is Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”…

Look like former WWE star Dave Batista won’t be returning to the WWE anytime soon ’cause the man is heavily focused on MMA and acting in film. Dave’s film career is already taking off. He already had a role in “The Man With the Iron Fists”, and Dave just completed “Riddick 3”, with Vin Diesel. Now Dave has a huge role in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and he will be playing Drax the Desroyer. There were a couple of other guys who auditioned for the role, such as Jason Momoa and a few others, but it seems that Marvel was most impressed with Dave, so he got it.

More on the story, here.

The Rock should take note,’cause look like we have another big former wrestler starring in some big movies. If they can get Dave in “Expendables 3”, that would be pretty cool too!

Dave has always been my favorite performer in wrestling too. He is a good actor. He didn’t get these acting jobs in movies for nothing ’cause the wrestling helped him get the acting talent. That’s how all wrestlers get into movies ’cause wrestling is acting.


Report: Dave Batista admits to not liking the PG rating in WWE…

Last year, Dave Batista left the WWE to try and pursue a career in Strikeforce. Since Dana White and Zuffa, LLC. purchased, “Strikeforce”, this forced Dave’s MMA dream to come to an end. What’s next for Dave in his professional career? Since he’s no longer doing “Strikeforce”, he said on twitter that he definitely plans on returning to the WWE in the near future. He said not at this moment. He is just taking some time off, to enjoy life for himself.

He also had something to say about the current PG direction that the WWE is going to. He says he loves the WWE, he just hates the PG thing like most of us. Here are some of Dave’s twitter rants (they’ve been creating controversy in the wrestling world)…Dave admitted he left the WWE because he didn’t like the PG rating.

“I’m the biggest wrestling fan there is..which is why I’m boycotting the PG BS! They’re selling watered down art bro. Kills me. real quick…i don’t hate the WWE! i love pro wrestling! just didn’t agree with the PG direction. i loved it edgy and hardcore. and i would definitely like to return…just not right now. im enjoying the hell out of my normal life. hope that makes sense. even though i dont agree with the direction they”ve taken, I bleed WWE. keep getting asked about a possible TNA run….and the answer is absolutely not. nothing against TNA. they”ve got some great talent. buwhich is why i’ve decided to sit it out rather than accept very generous offers from other promotions. hope everyone can respect that.”

I’m with Dave. I don’t like the PG thing too. I want the Attitude Era back. I miss the good old days of WWE when it was nothing but blood, graphic violence and sexy women that showed a lot of skin. We don’t have that anymore.

Even though I don’t care for the PG rating either, I continue to watch RAW because I still respect some of the performers. Plus there’s nothing else better to do on a Monday night. I’ll never forget the Mankind/Cactus Jack days. Those were the best days of WWE. Mick Foley made the Attitude Era for what it is.


Report: Dave Batista opens his own MMA gym…

Dave Batista’s MMA dream is dead? Not yet. Even though his “Strikeforce” deal is never happening, he is still doing whatever it takes to fight in the MMA. So to keep his dream alive, he just opened up his own MMA gym. He just opened an MMA training gym in Tampa, Florida called, “Gracie Fighter Jiu Jitsu”.

TMZ reports.

His “Strikeforce” dream maybe dead, but do you think Dave may have a chance at UFC??? Dave would certainly be headliner material in UFC. I can definitely see a Dave Batista vs. Brock Lesnar in a headlining UFC fight in the future for sure.

Much respect for Dave for going after his dream. If one door closes on a dream, more doors will open for him up ahead!



Thought: Dave Batista is the RAW anonymous General Manager, pretty sure it’s him…

So the RAW GM is definitely not Michael Cole, Jim Ross, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley. So we can cross them off the list. I think I’m going to make my last and final prediction on who the RAW anonymous GM is. I think it’s none other than Dave Batista. Why? Notice how the Anonymous GM is siding with Nexus and is always against John Cena? The last time John Cena was WWE Champion, who did Cena take the belt from? That’s right. It was Dave Batista that he took the WWE Championship from. It was at the last Wrestlemania where they had a main event match together.

So Dave Batista is coming back at Cena for revenge, but story wise, he wanted to do it anonymously, so Cena wouldn’t know who it is. The Anonymous GM is targeting Cena all the time. I can’t see no other wrestler hating on Cena other than Dave Batista. Batista is the only wrestler that hates Cena story wise. Cena and Batista had a very long history, they’ve feuded for years. I think I’m right on the money this time that the GM is no one other than, Batista.

Yeah, I know Batista left WWE for a while to try and strike up a deal with MMA Strikeforce, but that haven’t happened yet as far as I know. So that could be the reason that Batista could possibly be coming back soon. Maybe not as a full time wrestler, but as a full time performer. On top of that, I miss Dave in the WWE and didn’t understand why he left when he was at the top of his game during his last run. His mic skills has gotten way better and he was pretty entertaining even if he was a real badguy, a heel.

Everybody wants the GM to be Triple H or the Rock, but that would make everything too predictable and would lose the excitement. If they used Batista as the GM, that would make it unpredictable and not expecting.


Thought: Batista on his way to MMA/Strikeforce???

Former WWE star, Dave Batista, started some media controversy by telling TMZ that he has been signed with the MMA and maybe going to Strikeforce ppv events.


He was asked if he would fight that Fedor Emielenko (SP? Sorry, his last name is always hard to SPELL!) but Batista laughs and says, “I want nothing to do with that dude”. Come on Dave. Scared of Fedor, are ya?

I looked at reports and they say Dave haven’t yet been signed to MMA. He has a tight movie schedule and he’s strict on payments if he wants to join the MMA, so his deal with them stalled.


What do you think? Do you think Dave has what it takes to do real fighting in MMA or in UFC? I mean, just because Dave is a big guy doesn’t mean he can fight  good. We all thought Brock Lesnar was going to suck because he was a WWE guy too but Brock proved us wrong that he doesn’t suck at real fighting, but who knows, maybe Dave does have the skills and the talent to fight for real. Maybe he can prove us wrong too? We were surprised by Brock Lesnar, maybe Dave can surprise us. People think real fighting will kill Dave, but don’t judge the book by it’s cover.

If you look at Dave, I’m pretty sure he can throw some pretty brutal punches and if Dave does a takedown, it’ll make your head spin. Don’t ever think that he doesn’t have what it takes. If Dave is serious of fighting for real, if he does good in MMA, maybe he’ll be on his way to UFC to the big time. Wouldn’t it be kind of cool to see Dave Batista vs. Brock Lesnar at UFC? Dave and Brock already know each other, and yes. The two have wrestled each other many times before. They’ve never wrestled in the WWE against each other, but they wrestled each other at the Ohio Valley Wrestling years back.

On a serious note, I doubt Dave has been signed to MMA. I think he’s being an egotist, and delusional. He might be just joking around as his way of playing with TmZ for a little bit. Those former wrestlers like to pick on TmZ a lot. Just ask Chris Jericho who’s done it many times. These wrestlers crave for the publicity, that’s what they do it for.


Thought: Dave Batista return at Wrestlemania this weekend? Will the Animal interfere the Triple H vs. Randy Orton match?

Rumours swirling the webs, that “The Animal” Dave Batista might return to WWE soon this year, he is clear from his injury to come back. Dave said in an interview once that he might have a match at Wrestlemania this Sunday but don’t know if he’ll be back in time for a storyline for it. Could he make his return at Wrestlemania 25 this Sunday? If he did, then it would make sense if he interfered the, ‘Triple H vs. Randy Orton” match. As you wrestling fans may already know, Batista has lots of history with Orton. As all three were in the group, Evolution, with Ric Flair in the past.

I would like to see a Batista comeback. The “Triple H. vs Randy Orton” match may not get any interferences at all, and they just wrestle clean. We’ll just have to wait this Sunday to find out.