Thought: Batista on his way to MMA/Strikeforce???

Former WWE star, Dave Batista, started some media controversy by telling TMZ that he has been signed with the MMA and maybe going to Strikeforce ppv events.

He was asked if he would fight that Fedor Emielenko (SP? Sorry, his last name is always hard to SPELL!) but Batista laughs and says, “I want nothing to do with that dude”. Come on Dave. Scared of Fedor, are ya?

I looked at reports and they say Dave haven’t yet been signed to MMA. He has a tight movie schedule and he’s strict on payments if he wants to join the MMA, so his deal with them stalled.

What do you think? Do you think Dave has what it takes to do real fighting in MMA or in UFC? I mean, just because Dave is a big guy doesn’t mean he can fight  good. We all thought Brock Lesnar was going to suck because he was a WWE guy too but Brock proved us wrong that he doesn’t suck at real fighting, but who knows, maybe Dave does have the skills and the talent to fight for real. Maybe he can prove us wrong too? We were surprised by Brock Lesnar, maybe Dave can surprise us. People think real fighting will kill Dave, but don’t judge the book by it’s cover.

If you look at Dave, I’m pretty sure he can throw some pretty brutal punches and if Dave does a takedown, it’ll make your head spin. Don’t ever think that he doesn’t have what it takes. If Dave is serious of fighting for real, if he does good in MMA, maybe he’ll be on his way to UFC to the big time. Wouldn’t it be kind of cool to see Dave Batista vs. Brock Lesnar at UFC? Dave and Brock already know each other, and yes. The two have wrestled each other many times before. They’ve never wrestled in the WWE against each other, but they wrestled each other at the Ohio Valley Wrestling years back.

On a serious note, I doubt Dave has been signed to MMA. I think he’s being an egotist, and delusional. He might be just joking around as his way of playing with TmZ for a little bit. Those former wrestlers like to pick on TmZ a lot. Just ask Chris Jericho who’s done it many times. These wrestlers crave for the publicity, that’s what they do it for.


4 thoughts on “Thought: Batista on his way to MMA/Strikeforce???”

  1. As of right now he has not signed. I’m not sure why he claimed he did. Strikeforce confirmed that they were negotiating with him but have as of yet been unable to reach a deal (Dave wants more money than he is worth is the real issue). They’re still negotiating though so who knows.

    As for his “success” in fighting, I don’t think it will go well for him. He’s in his 40’s with bad knees, ankles and back. I can’t see the guy getting through a hard training camp and staying healthy. Lesnar was successful because he is one of the best heavyweight wrestlers the NCAA has ever seen, he had a very strong background in one of the most dominant skill sets in the sport. Batista does not have that same kind of background. It’s a hard sport to pick up, and trying to do it as a battered old man is pretty damn hard.

    1. “As of right now he has not signed. I’m not sure why he claimed he did.”

      Like I said before, Dave Batista is an egotist, in other words, he has an overblown ego that’s the size of a giant hot air balloon. He thinks he’s valuable for a high pricing to be paid, because he was a big main eventer in WWE. He thinks he’s going to become a big main eventer for MMA as well. A lot of WWE guys are living in their own worlds. Dave’s ego hasn’t changed since his WWE days, I’ve read backstage reports of how he is backstage in the locker room and he hasn’t changed. You can see that he has an ego in that TMZ video.

      Just because Dave doesn’t have a lot of mixed martial arts experience, he can learn. If he gets signed to MMA, he’ll have to get trained to mixed martial arts to learn all the basic moves. If he’s signed, his MMA debut fight won’t be for a long while, so he can get trained into it. Just because Dave is in his 40’s now, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the skills anymore. As a matter of fact, Dave has already been training for MMA and learning the fighting skills.

      Check out this video, this is him training for mixed martial arts, he’s been getting ready for this since last year!!!:

      Yep, that’s the reason Dave left WWE, he wants a shot at MMA. possibly on his way to UFC too if he does good enough.


      1. He won’t end up in the UFC. They have no interest in him.

        He’s been training for a bit but it takes time to learn well enough to be successful. He’s 41, which is well past your athletic prime. He will probably sign with Strikeforce eventually, fight a few scrubs and that’ll be it. Maybe they’ll throw him in against Bobby Lashley who will just plain outwrestle him and he’ll be on his way.

        MMA is not a sport that you can pick up in a year well enough to be highly successful without a deep background in one of the major disciplines (striking, jiu-jitsu, wrestling). I’m positive Batista will sign with someone and have a few fights, but they won’t be against good competition and he’ll likely not be too impressive. I do have doubts that he can stay healthy long enough to have more than 1-2 fights anyway.

      2. Like I said, don’t judge the book by it’s picture, trash Batista all you want. I think he’s full of surprises and he might have the talent and enough skill after all. Just wait and see what happens. Do not badly judge him when he haven’t even had his first fight yet.


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