In defense of Dave Batista winning the Royal Rumble last night…

So last night was not only the Grammy Awards, there was also a WWE ppv last night called the Royal Rumble where 30 men fight in the ring at the same time. You’ve probably heard of the Royal Rumble before and know what the rules are right? Last man standing in the ring is the winner. The winner ended up being Dave Batista aka The Animal who is known as a heel/badguy kind of wrestler.

I didn’t watch the ppv since I don’t watch WWE anymore and I heard when the 30 man Rumble match got over with Batista got pretty strong boos from the crowd. Batista is a pretty big guy… large muscles and all. Google him. Batista came back from the WWE after a long hiatus ’cause he wanted to start a movie career and he’s been in a few major films already.

Sure enough the whole internet of the wrestling community is mad that Batista won the Rumble. To be honest, I think it’s a good choice and he deserved to win and be a huge part of Wrestlemania. I liked Batista. He’s a good performer and one of the best wrestling bad guys out there, in my opinion. He has good mic skills. He’s a bad guy that you love to hate.

The thing with WWE is they love to give the bad guy wrestlers a huge push. That’s what they did with CM Punk, Triple H, and Randy Orton when they were heels. They gave them so much screen time and gave the bad guy wrestlers the opportunity to win all the big ppvs. This is just Vince’s thing, ya know? Personally, I find the bad guy wrestlers more entertaining than the good guys. If WWE is pissing a lot of fans off even the smart fans, then they are doing their jobs. That’s what heel wrestlers are supposed to do. Piss off the fans. They’ve been doing this stuff for years. Pushing the bad guys to the extremes.

Bad guys in professional wrestling is all part of entertainment. If there were no bad guy wrestlers, then professional wrestling would be boring as hell and nobody would care if everybody were good guys. There are even bad guys in all fighting sports like MMA and boxing (like Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather Jr., perfect examples) as well.

Yes, bad guys in WWE are just a storyline but that’s the thing a lot  of people in this day and age mistakenly wants to believe that everything in WWE is real. That’s how the WWE wants to make you think. They control your mind and they want you to believe what they do is real. They don’t believe in the “fake” word.

I stopped watching WWE not because the bad guys keep getting pushed… I stopped watching ’cause the story lines were getting really bad and didn’t like the direction they’re headed into but with this Batista thing, I’m thinking about watching again, not sure. Sounds like an interesting wrestling angle they’re doing.

I never took what WWE did seriously ’cause I know it’s just a show. If I want to cheer on the bad guys and support them, I’ll have no problem doing just that. The heel wrestlers put on a better show than the good guys, anyways. I haven’t been watching for at least a year now and feel good about it.


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