In response to Quentin Tarantino leaked script controversy…

Well, I’m sure you’re wondering my thoughts on this whole Quentin Tarantino leaked script controversy that’s been all over the news well here it is. To start things off,  here’s what’s going on… Tarantino says that a script to his latest film, “The Hateful Eight” which is supposedly to be another Western got leaked to the internet on a website called Gawker after the director gave the script to a few of his actor friends. Tarantino has been upset and depressed since this happened. He now filed a lawsuit against Gawker just recently. That’s what is going on I believe? He now shelved the project and is now thinking about turning “The Hateful Eight” into a book instead of a movie.

Of course, all of Tarantino’s fans back him for this. I see his fans commenting and they’re like, “don’t mess with Tarantino” and stuff like that but to be honest, I’m actually neutral on this one. Why?

Mostly because this was all Quentin’s fault. If he didn’t want his script out there then he shouldn’t have given it to anybody to begin with. When you write a movie script or a book or any project, you keep it for yourself and not give it to anybody especially to people you don’t know well and can’t trust, ya know? Quentin brought all of this upon himself. You can see that he doesn’t want to admit that this was his own fault and now he’s blaming it on the website, Gawker ’cause he knows it would be a big money making opportunity for him.

Quentin is one of my favorite film directors of all time, I love ALL of his movies but I think the guy is an asshole sometimes. I’m sure he learned from his mistakes out of this one though, and I’m sure he’ll never give out his scripts to anyone again. If he doesn’t want any of his future scripts leaked then he should keep them hidden in a safe place. The internet is a big thing these days and leaks has been happening a lot throughout the entertainment industry.


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