Thought: Dave Batista is the RAW anonymous General Manager, pretty sure it’s him…

So the RAW GM is definitely not Michael Cole, Jim Ross, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley. So we can cross them off the list. I think I’m going to make my last and final prediction on who the RAW anonymous GM is. I think it’s none other than Dave Batista. Why? Notice how the Anonymous GM is siding with Nexus and is always against John Cena? The last time John Cena was WWE Champion, who did Cena take the belt from? That’s right. It was Dave Batista that he took the WWE Championship from. It was at the last Wrestlemania where they had a main event match together.

So Dave Batista is coming back at Cena for revenge, but story wise, he wanted to do it anonymously, so Cena wouldn’t know who it is. The Anonymous GM is targeting Cena all the time. I can’t see no other wrestler hating on Cena other than Dave Batista. Batista is the only wrestler that hates Cena story wise. Cena and Batista had a very long history, they’ve feuded for years. I think I’m right on the money this time that the GM is no one other than, Batista.

Yeah, I know Batista left WWE for a while to try and strike up a deal with MMA Strikeforce, but that haven’t happened yet as far as I know. So that could be the reason that Batista could possibly be coming back soon. Maybe not as a full time wrestler, but as a full time performer. On top of that, I miss Dave in the WWE and didn’t understand why he left when he was at the top of his game during his last run. His mic skills has gotten way better and he was pretty entertaining even if he was a real badguy, a heel.

Everybody wants the GM to be Triple H or the Rock, but that would make everything too predictable and would lose the excitement. If they used Batista as the GM, that would make it unpredictable and not expecting.


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