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Will Vince McMahon fire John Laurinaitis storywise??? I think no, and here is my prediction…

I didn’t watch last night’s 3 hour RAW, but I caught the last half hour of it when I got back home from the movies. I DVR’d last night’s RAW, and will watch the rest of it tonight. The current storyline is John Laurinaitis, who is a longtime WWE employee, he serves as the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, in real life behind the scenes of the company. Well, he has now been performing on WWE TV for the past couple of months. He’s the General Manager for both RAW & Smackdown for WWE TV. His on TV character is described as a power hungry boss much like Vince McMahon, but a little different. The babyface fans and the superstars both want Laurinaitis to be off of WWE TV because people think he’s a boring character. He’s supposed to be a “heel”, which is what he is. John L., used to be a professional wrestler himself in his younger years, he used to go under the name of, “Johnny Ace“.

Cena has been trying to do whatever it takes to get Johnny L. off of WWE TV. This is all just a storyline, I know. I’m just explaining what’s going on. Vince McMahon returns to WWE TV last night, and there was a lot of speculation that McMahon was going to fire Johnny L. off of TV “storywise”. At the end of RAW last night, McMahon made the announcement that if Big Show loses the steel cage match against Cena at this Sunday’s, “No Way Out” PPV, he will fire Johnny L. then. So does that mean if Cena wins the match (which he probably will), Johnny L. keeps the job? Sounds like it.

My prediction on how this is going to go down, I don’t think Johnny L. will get fired. This will be McMahon’s attempt to get after John Cena. I think there’s another major Cena vs. McMahon feud on the way. I know Vince McMahon’s on TV character quite well. He has always been sick and twisted, mean, and evil. I don’t think he’ll fire Johnny L. to make the fans happy. Vince has never been that type of character. He’s always been unpredictable. I think Vince is about to do something big to get heel heat again.

I agree it will be cool to see McMahon get in someone’s face and growl, “You’re FIIIIRREEDDDDddd….” like he’s most famous for, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

On top of all this, I find Johnny L., a great performer. I think he’s one of the best heel General Manager’s in a long while. He’s great on the mic, just my opinion. As I said, I like the heels more (badguys) ’cause they’re more interesting than the good guys. I think part of this feud is building up for another Brock Lesnar return, he’s been off of WWE TV for the past couple of weeks. In real life, Brock’s deal with WWE isn’t that long, so he’s not going to be on WWE TV a lot. Just occasional appearances, like the Rock.