Even if the Rock hasn’t wrestled in a ring since 2003, he still has it!!!

So the Rock hasn’t been in an actual wrestling match since 2003. What was his previous wrestling match before his match against Cena at last night’s “Wrestlemania”? Rock’s previous match was against Bill Goldberg at “Backlash” ppv in 2003. That was when the Rock was a heel back then. Goldberg was the babyface. Shortly after the “Backlash” ppv, the Rock had a few more feuds with other wrestlers, then retired from WWE to focus on a full time movie acting career. Yes, it’s been a long time since the Rock wrestled in an actual match.

You know what? The Rock still has it, after all these years he’s been gone. As expected, the Rock vs. Cena was the best match of the night. I knew they were going to put on a helluva match as I’m sure everyone else knew it too. The Rock still can do the People’s Elbow and the Rock Bottom signature moves well, and it was good to finally see those moves again. Even if I don’t like John Cena, I’ll respect him just this one time, even he did a good job as well.

Who won the match? The Rock did it, of course. Miami is the Rock’s hometown, so of course, they were going to give them the win for that one reason. The Rock still has the talent after all these years. When most iconic wrestlers retire from the industry, a lot of people expect them to make comebacks. Well, the Rock never really retired. He knows that WWE is his home and where he belongs, so he came back to make the fans happy. He’s a pretty busy as hell guy going back and forth to his wrestling career to his movie career, so much respect for him.

Other thoughts on last night’s Wrestlemania? It was a pretty good ppv. Nothing that amazing, nothing all that special. It was just pretty good and entertaining. The three best matches of the night as I predicted were, “Undertaker vs. HHH – Hell in a Cell”, “CM Punk vs. Jericho”, and “Cena vs. Rock”. Those three matches  had some really good wrestling.

I even liked the Divas tag team match with Kelly Kelly/Maria vs. Beth Phoenix/Eve. Those women actually wrestled, and it was entertaining. The matches that opened Wrestlemania weren’t that great, they were pretty quick and short matches so they can give the main event matches more time. Although, Randy Orton vs Kane was okay, and I’m glad they gave Kane the win. WWE has been making Kane looking ridiculous for years, and I’m happy Kane, actually won a Wrestlemania, finally.

No Brock Lesnar appearance, but who knows, I have a feeling Lesnar will return this year anyway. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s true. It could be Lesnar vs. the Rock, for next year’s ‘Mania.

It was a decent Wrestlemania, just wish, they  gave Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan more wrestling time ’cause that match only lasted for a couple of seconds. It was the shortest match ever.

Hopefully next year’s ‘Mania, they do a better job. I’m glad last night’s ‘Mania, didn’t end with Cena winning again. Something different for a change.


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