Now that “The Hunger Games” franchise is finally finished expect a DVD/BluRay boxset of the whole series soon…

I love “The Hunger Games” movies. I know these movies were meant for the young adult audience but man, I tell ya that these movies tell an actual story which is why I love them. The storytelling in these movies are pretty smart and intelligent. Plus the acting of the cast and the action scenes are pretty entertaining as hell. These are pretty violent movies to be considered “young adult”, in my opinion. Even though this franchise was aimed at the young audience, full grown adults have been enjoying them anyways as you’ve noticed… each time I go see a Hunger Games movie in the theater… you never see young people in theaters. Most of the franchises audiences are full grown adults from 30 – 50 years of age. You hardly ever see teens and 20 years olds in the audiences of “Hunger Games” movies ’cause believe me, I’ve seen them all.

I wanted to get all of these movies on BluRay but I didn’t get any of them yet ’cause I was waiting for the boxset to come out of all 4 movies in one set. Now they are finally done with the movies expect a big release of the boxset coming soon. I’m sure the Hunger Games boxset would be coming out sometime next year. I’m betting the Hunger Games boxset would come out next year sometime before Christmas in 2016 ’cause they would make a nice Holiday gift.

I just saw “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2” as I thought it was the best one of the series. It’s a fitting end to the series for sure. Is this the end of the Hunger Games franchise for good? I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood would plan some kind of spinoff, though. Could there be one more “Hunger Games” book by Suzanne Collins? The director says he would make more Hunger Games movies as long as Suzanne Collins would keep writing more books to continue the story:

I agree. It wouldn’t be right for Hollywood to continue the movies without Suzanne Collins so I hope she does more books. I think she will continue the books since she knows that the films are successful. I haven’t read all three books. I’ve only read the first book but will read the other two soon when I get around to it.

The Hunger Games is a great franchise.


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