Obama wants to disarm Americans so we won’t have anything to defend ourselves against Muslims…

… and that’s how Obama plans to destroy America.

Like the title of this topic says, Obama wants to disarm all Americans and that includes the police. That’s why Obama goes after the police with all this race baiting stuff ’cause he’s trying to take away guns from our law enforcement. He wants real Americans like us to have no guns as well. Why do you think Obama is trying to make our military weaker? All this stuff he is doing is just his plan to destroy America. He’s trying to take away our guns while he’s giving them to terrorists overseas. That’s what Benghazi and Operation F&F were about to begin with. Those two gun running operations. That’s why Obama gives guns to terrorists instead of letting us have them.

Don’t you see? Obama wants to kill us all. He’s doing all of this intentionally. Obama is a madman and evil. When will liberals wake up?

First the Supreme Court rejected Connecticut’s gun control and now the Senate rejected Gun Control nationally. Sorry, Chris Murphy you lose. Chris Murphy wasted 15 hours talking about nothing. Liberals are gonna have to learn that “Gun Control” will never happen. Why? It’s because the “2nd Amendment” is tough to get rid of. That’s a fact.

No matter what Obama and the government tries to pull, you’re never gonna take away our guns no matter what you do. Even if “gun control” does happen, there is no possible way you could get rid of guns permanently. There are too many guns everywhere. Bad people don’t follow laws anyway. Even if gun control happens, that’s not gonna stop gun violence.

It’s pretty insane that stupid liberals blame conservatives, guns and the NRA for the gun violence. It’s also insane that liberals blame the gun itself. A gun, no matter what kind it is… don’t operate by itself. A gun is controlled by a human being which is you. You’re responsible if you have a gun in your hand. People blaming guns itself is pretty ludicrous.

Obama wants to take our guns away to weaken us. So we have nothing to defend ourselves with. Get the picture now? Obama wants to take our guns away, he gives them to terrorists. Now Obama is letting Muslims and illegal immigrants into our country. Obama wants to kill us all. Period. End of story.

I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a huge believer in the 2nd Amendment and will always support it. The more liberals obsess with “gun control” the more it makes me want to get a legal gun myself and I’m actually thinking about it. Someday I would like to get trained on how to use a handgun or a pistol ’cause I love target practice, I really do.

You can’t beat the 2nd Amendment and it will never be repealed either. Dumb liberals living in fantasy land like usual. I hate how liberals are all for something just because people like Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary and the media says so. It’s real sad that liberals would listen to them. I’ll have a rant about that in another post soon.


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