Donald Trump is gonna be the next prez… it will be an easy win for him… learn to accept it…


People didn’t think that Donald Trump would make it through the primaries and thought he wouldn’t get more than 1237 delegates to clinch nomination. Well, he just did. He got more than 1237 delegates which a lot of us had predicted for a long time now. Now the NeverTrump crowd are expecting Trump to get rejected of the nomination at the RNC in July. I’m not exactly sure how the Convention process works ’cause the rules are always different but I’m 100% sure Trump will get the nomination.

A lot of companies has pulled out of the RNC refusing to sponsor it out of protest for Donald Trump. Apple withdrew support and will not want anything to do with the Convention ’cause of Donald Trump as well.

No matter what happens, Donald Trump is gonna win this election. Media is trying their best to destroy him but even they won’t be able to defeat him. Bernie, Hillary and Elizabeth Warren are doing all they can to defeat Donald. Most of the GOP are doing all they can to defeat him. Like I said, no matter what happens… this election will be an easy win for Trump. Hillary will not win, that’s for sure. Anybody that thinks she will is delusional.

If you hate Donald Trump then chances are, you just follow the media and listen to what they say. You’re brainwashed by the media for sure. I don’t pay any attention to the media ’cause it’s all corrupt and nothing but garbage. I like to see what’s going on in politics through social media like twitter/facebook ’cause honestly that’s more honest than the MSM. You have to learn to think outside the box. The media is not the reflection of reality.

Trump is gonna get elected Jan. 20th. Just deal with it. Learn to accept it.

I refuse to support Bernie or Hillary for a lot of reasons and I think Trump is the best guy we have. Trump is gonna be the next one, y’all. You can’t defeat him ’cause he’s too powerful. He will get even more powerful as time goes along.

Supporting Trump is not being left or right at all. It’s about being an American. If you stop having one-sided opinions then maybe you wouldn’t see Trump all that bad of a guy. I used to have a lot of liberal readers that attack my blog all the time but for some reason a lot of them stopped replying. Maybe they refuse to reply to this blog ’cause my support for Trump disgusted them? That’s okay. I don’t give a shit if people don’t like me supporting Trump or not. I don’t care what liberals think about Trump ’cause they are the same people who voted Obama twice so I don’t care what they have to say. Now they’re supporting Bernie Sanders, lol.

The NeverTrump crowd didn’t think he will win the primaries in which he did and now they’re all saying he won’t win the General Election. Lets prove them wrong on that too. When Trump gets elected Jan. 20th and gets sworn in, I can have fun watching the haters implode.

If you believe Trump is bad for America, you really are brain dead and misinformed. If you get yourself educated maybe you would find that Trump is not all that bad of a guy. Hating on Trump all the damn time just shows how negative and hateful people can be these days so keep it going.



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