Thoughts on Trump’s speech on Crooked Hillary today…

I would like to watch all of Trump’s speeches but I can’t watch ’em all ’cause Trump does so many speeches ever since he announced he’s running for president. It’s hard to catch up with all of his speeches so I only watch some of them. I would say this speech have to be his best speech yet.

His quote “Hillary may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency” was good but I was somewhat disagree with it. Hillary more corrupted than Barack Obama really? I think Obama was the most corrupted person to seek the presidency. See? I don’t agree with Trump on everything but other than that, the rest of the speech was really good.

I’m glad he brought up Ambassador Christopher Stevens and Hillary’s responsibility for the Benghazi attack, that was good.

Another one of my favorite parts of the speech was when Trump was asking Bernie Sanders fans for their votes. Nice idea but it’s gonna be tough to get Bernie fans on the Trump Train ’cause a lot of Bernie fans hate Trump. I don’t think a lot of Bernie fans will join the Trump train ’cause they’re always gonna be hating on Trump no matter how nice Trump is to them. Bernie fans should join the Trump train ’cause why? Trump has similar issues and ideas as Bernie does. Trump supports the LGBT community and he supports Equal Pay For Women which is what Bernie is for so I don’t why Bernie fans continue to hate him.

Trump destroyed Hillary pretty badly today. I wonder how Hillary herself is gonna respond to it? She’ll probably do her typical laugh and brush it off like usual. She’s a bitch and an evil cunt. Anybody who supports her still is an idiot too.



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