Video: Thoughts on big tattooed Trump supporter screaming at Mexicans (illegal aliens)…

The NeverTrump crowd is getting upset at this big muscular tattooed guy who was screaming at “protesters” at a Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona. This video has been making the rounds of facebook. The NeverTrump people posting this video, calling the big tattooed Trump supporter a racist for saying things like “burrito” and “Tortilla”P when referring to Mexicans.

The thing is, that video above never showed the full footage of what went down before.

If you check this video out below, at about 52: 31… you can see the full footage of what went down. From the looks of things looks like the protesters started it. The tattooed muscle guy was probably just walking, minding his own business and then he gets picked on by those illegal aliens “protesting”.

At about 52:31, you can see the protesters starting in on him.

Media wouldn’t show the full footage and media wouldn’t show the protesters. The full video above, behind the police barricade are nothing but illegal aliens from Mexico.

Whether the tattooed man started it or not, it doesn’t matter either way ’cause those illegal aliens deserve the trash talking by that guy. From what I’m seeing, the tattooed man was sticking up for America and sticking up for his rights to support Trump.

Of course, the media wants to call that guy a racist ’cause of the 43 tattoo that he has and the media claims it belongs to a White Supremacist Group which I don’t buy it yet. Maybe the 43 means something else?

In my opinion, the tattooed man has a lot of balls to stand up against those illegals. Those illegals taunted him anyways. The media and social media are just trying to do whatever it takes to make Trump and his supporters look like a bunch of racists which isn’t working so keep trying.

I would talk trash at illegal aliens too ’cause they don’t belong here. Deport. Deport. Deport. Build the wall!



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