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Obama is weak on ISIS ’cause HE IS ISIS, he wouldn’t kill what he created…

Matt Drudge is about to sacrifice his career by revealing some truth behind the Obama admin. that they’ve been arming ISIS. While this isn’t really “shocking” news to me at all, I’m sure Matt Drudge is about to drop some hard evidence to prove it once and for all. He’s probably gonna post a big article about it on the Drudge Report website.

Why is Obama weak on battling ISIS? I’ve been saying from day 1 that Obama is ISIS. ISIS was started by the CIA and MOSSAD. John McCain was caught in Syria visiting ISIS members and even posed for photos with them so that should be good enough to show that our government is behind ISIS.

Yeah, yeah, I know stupid liberals are gonna make speculations that ISIS was started around the BUSH presidency but ISIS didn’t exist back then and there’s no evidence either. It’s just a libtard’s lousy attempt to defend their precious Obama. Liberals can’t take the truth that Obama is evil and he’s capable of anything. Obama is not only arming ISIS, he’s also funding them money. Once again, where do you think they get all them Toyota trucks from and all those military style like weapons & vehicles from? I believe all the weapons that Isis got, they got them all from the Benghazi shipment which is what the Benghazi attacks were about. The Rise of Isis happened after Benghazi.

People defend Obama ’cause they don’t think he’s capable of doing anything evil like starting a terrorist group to scare Americans but like I said, Obama is capable of anything. Don’t kid yourselves.

ISIS is a really stupid name for a terrorist group, though. Who came up with it? I don’t wanna know.


Hillary wearing wigs? Matt Drudge has the pics to prove it!

Hillary’s hairdo seems to change a lot over the years. Have you noticed? I noticed her hairstyles are strangely different each time I see her on TV or see her photos online. Does Hillary have any hair at all? Keep in mind that Hillary is a 68 year old woman. She’s almost 70. Have you seen what hair really looks like on a 70 year old woman naturally? Their hair would have been really white and there would have been a mix of grey in there too. She wears the wigs so she can obviously cover up her old lady’s hair. She probably shaves herself bald and puts on a different wig everyday so she can look younger.

I can’t stand this dumb woman. Can’t stand the way she smiles either. When she smiles, you can see a hint of hatred and “evil” in her. How can liberals love this piece of trash? She has a horrible record, she hasn’t accomplished anything at all and can’t understand why libtards love her so much. I hope she loses this election and hope she loses pretty hard. I think she’s going to. She won’t make it at all.