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Here’s a little flashback, y’all… Obama said no US Ground troops in Syria back in 2013…

Obama just did a George W. Bush and there’s no outrage from the left. Where’s Neil Young and Sean Penn when you need ’em? Aren’t they anti-war? Oooopsss, they’re only anti-war only if it’s under a Republican president. Liberals rail against George W. for going to war in Iraq/Afghanistan and Obama is going to war right now.

So now Obama finally decides to fight back at Isis when he should have done that a long time ago. Oh, I wonder why… it’s probably because the elections is going on and this is another sign that “martial law” is coming. In order for “martial law” to happen the US must be under war, look up “martial law” yourself and read about it. US go to war, declare “martial law”, elections get cancelled and Obama will continue to be president even after 2017.

That’s why the US government started this fictional terrorist group named ISIS. ISIS was started by the CIA and MOSSAD. All those ISIS beheading videos were all fake and scripted. Where do you think ISIS gets all the military like weapons and Toyota trucks from?


Vladimir Putin is the only one battling ISIS and mainstream media ignores it…

What Vladimir Putin is doing is very heroic, in my opinion. He’s the only who has the balls to take out ISIS and this is what he’s doing this weekend. ISIS is controlled by the CIA and MOSSAD so Russia battling ISIS has gotta be embarrassing to the Obama admin.


Putin doing a good service by protecting the US, Russia and other countries around the world. Putin should be applauded for this one. If Putin is successful at taking out ISIS for good that would piss off the Obama admin. for sure. Wonder what they’ll do once Putin finishes ISIS? We could go to war against Russia ’cause of it.


What happened to Cecil The Lion was terrible but what about Planned Parenthood, ISIS, Illegal immigrants killing people, etc…

I agree that what happened to Cecil The Lion was terrible and didn’t have to happen but these things happen all the time all over the world. Big game hunters killing animals. It happens to other animals too It happens to tigers, crocodiles, sharks, whales, etc. As a matter of fact Sea World and zoos have been treating animals horribly for years and even killing them too. These things happen all the time.

The thing is, I wish libtards would have the same outrage to Planned Parenthood… I haven’t seen the Planned Parenthood videos yet but I think selling baby parts is pretty disgusting and everybody should be outraged… shouldn’t matter the political party. Only the right seems to be outraged over Planned Parenthood but the left seems to be okay with it.

What about ISIS who beheads and kill all kinds of people.

What about Illegal Immigrants coming over to kill people like what one of them did to Kate Steinle? It’s pretty shameful that the left doesn’t have a care for Kate Steinle but they’re more worried about black people getting killed.

What about Obama’s imperial presidency who is trying to destroy the country from within? Where’s all the outrage in that? Where’s the outrage that 4 men were murdered for no reason at Benghazi?

What happened to Cecil The Lion was terrible but like I said, animals get hunted and killed all the time… it’s happens, so what? There are more important things to worry about. Like worrying about our corrupt and broken government for example.


Video: Proof ISIS is fictional???

I always knew that ISIS is a pretty fictional terrorist group. They’re not even real and I’ve been saying that ever since ISIS first started. Here is leaked behind the scenes footage of one of the ISIS beheading videos. All those beheading videos and all the rest of the videos ISIS released killing people on video were all faked and staged. It’s all acting. Even all the ISIS victims were all paid actors: James Foley, Steven Sotloff, and all the rest of the ISIS videos were all fictional.

The ISIS footage in the video below is obviously the Steven Sotloff one that they’re making. All the film crew, the director telling everyone what to do and all that stuff. I always knew that the background had to be green screen… notice the green screen in the background.

There’s no need to worry about ISIS, America ’cause they aren’t even real… all pure fictional garbage created by the Obama admin. This film crew was probably hired by Obama and his admin., wouldn’t surprise me.

I knew all those ISIS videos couldn’t have been real… the filming of those videos were too Hollywood like… they were too perfect and too fake looking.

Why couldn’t Obama come up with a strategy to defeat ISIS? It’s because they aren’t even real that’s why. All those ISIS footage you see in the news are all faked and staged. There is no Kayla Mueller and that’s probably not even a real name. Whoever Kayla was, she was probably some model to take all those photos of herself to release to the news media. The Obama admin. never showed us any proof that all of these ISIS victims were kiled at the hands of ISIS.

The Obama admin. is totally behind all of this fake ISIS bullshit. They’re just trying to scare Americans intentionally as a way to help declare “martial law” to extend his presidency.

No need to worry, guys. ISIS isn’t even real at all and I’ve been saying that from the beginning anyways.


If you trust Obama on his fight toward ISIS, then you are an idiot…

Last thing you want to do is trust Obama on his fight toward ISIS. If you believe what he says is trustworthy and honest, then you are an idiot.

You know Barack is full of shit when he claims destroying ISIS will be a long struggle. You know he is full of shit when he claims that our U.S. Troops fighting ISIS themselves isn’t the answer. The truth is, destroying ISIS shouldn’t be all that hard. Why can’t our US troops fight ISIS themselves instead of them training Iraqi militants? That’s what the U.S. Military is supposed to do and that’s why they’re around so they can sacrifice themselves to kill enemies such as ISIS and other terrorists. Have the U.S. Troops battle ISIS themselves instead of militants. Kill ISIS by shooting them all and bombing them all to death… Problem solved??? It’s that easy. It’s that Obama is just trying to make it look difficult to destroy ISIS when it shouldn’t be.

If Obama is trying all he can to make it look difficult to destroy ISIS then he’s hiding something and being secretive about something. What’s his real goal with ISIS? He and the Pentagon created ISIS together, they wouldn’t kill what they created. They’re doing something with ISIS either topple Assad or take over America or both.

Don’t trust Obama. If you believe what he says is credible only because he says it, once again you’re an idiot.

ISIS is not that tough as Obama tries to make them out to be. I mean, Isis has all kinds of military style machine guns and vehicles, where do you think they got that stuff from? The U.S. Government duh.

You should be afraid of Obama and this admin. With the handling of ISIS. You shouldn’t be afraid of ISIS, you should be afraid of Obama himself.


The Pentagon and Obama helped start ISIS, don’t believe what comes out of them…

Want to know why ISIS hasn’t been defeated by us yet? It’s because the US government and Obama are ISIS. ISIS was created to try to get Bashar Assad ousted as President of Syria.

Check these articles out:



And check out this when John McCain took his secret trip to Syria to offer them weapons, training and funding.


They don’t want to destroy ISIS. If they wanted to destroy ISIS, they could have easily done that a long time ago. Of course, I don’t agree with Obama’s view on defeating ISIS, training Iraqi militants. I think he just secretly wants more recruits for ISIS and this is what he’s doing. Making ISIS even more powerful and bigger.

They’re just trying to battle Assad. Which this brings back to Benghazi… this is what they were trying to do out of the Benghazi attacks when they were running guns so they can try to topple Assad. Obama’s obsession of taking down Assad is nothing new… Obama’s been trying to remove him from office in Syria for years. He’s not gonna give up until Assad is done. That’s the goal with Isis. It’s well documented that Obama and Assad have been feuding for a long time.


To hell with gay marriage, lets focus on real news like the Tunisia attack..

While liberal America is getting all excited over Obamacare, gay-marriage and Obama singing “Amazing Grace”… I would say FUCK ALL OF IT and focus on more serious matters like the Tunisia beach attack.

It really is a fucking shame that liberal media would try to keep our attention away from terrorists attacks but instead they try to brainwash their “human rights” crap in our faces.

I can see why because Islam is responsible and the news media will do whatever to gets our minds off of it. Well, it won’t get my mind off of it.

It’s FUCKING AWFUL that libtard America would put their focus on Charleston shootings and yet they ignore this totally.


The Tunisia attack is a real tragedy. Death toll rises to 15 so RIP to all of them. Yet, fucking liberal America are worried about gay marriage and trying to ban the Confederate Flag.

Yeah, like I repeatedly say, “Welcome to Obama’s America, y’all”.

I’m beginning to believe that liberals are the real racist here. Not us. Why is it they are always compassionate about black victims being shot and killed, yet they don’t care about people from other countries getting shot and killed?

I’m really getting fed up with the liberal party. They’re getting crazier and crazier. We’re fucking done, America.


Obama admits that he has no complete strategy to fight ISIS yet… of course he doesn’t and he never will…

“When a finalized plan is presented to me by the Pentagon, then I will share it with the American people,” Obama said, adding, “We don’t yet have a complete strategy.” 


Well, what has Obama been doing for the past year or so? Going on golf trips? Vacations? World trips to do his political speeches? Wasting so much time and money trying to fight climate change instead of coming up with a “strategy”.

And why does it have to be Iraqi militants to fight ISIS instead of the US troops? Get the US troops down there or Navy Seals and I guarantee you THEY WILL fucking destroy ISIS. ALL OF THEM. Isis isn’t tough as they look and I’m sure our troops will kill ’em all just fine.

Also, it’s not the Pentagon’s job to come up with a strategy when it’s none other than the President’s job to do something like that. He could easily come up with a strategy at any time. It can’t be that hard.

Watch him… I predict that Obama’s going to keep claiming that the Pentagon haven’t came up with a strategy yet and he’s gonna keep admitting they haven’t came up with one. Why?

Simply because, OBAMA IS ISIS! He’s behind the whole ISIS thing. The CIA formed ISIS and ISIS were trained by OUR government. Look this stuff up. All it takes is a quick google search. John McCain was caught working with them behind the scenes. There’s never gonna be a strategy ’cause Obama is behind the whole ISIS terrorist thing.

I know some may think I’m crazy but I’m not alone on this at all, trust me on that. ISIS will always be around as long as Obama is in office.

I wish liberals and “independents” will stop trusting and believing in Obama. He’s the last guy you wanna trust. Anybody who still supports him and believes in him is living in a delusional fantasy world. Everyone wants to blame ISIS on Bush but what’s new? I’m tired of stupid and ignorant people thinking that Obama is not capable of doing evil things. I’m tired of people thinking that Obama is the good guy and thinking that Bush is the badguy and I will have a rant on that soon.



The Obama White House blames Bush on the rise of ISIS again… *yawn*

Ya know, it doesn’t make a bit of sense to me why people would blame the rise of ISIS on Bush when ISIS didn’t even exist at all under Bush as president. George W. left office in 2009 so it was a long time ago.


I’ve seen articles on the White House blaming ISIS on Bush making the rounds of facebook and some are actually believing everything of what the White House press room says.

The last thing you wanna do is believe everything that comes out of the Obama White House. Especially the press conferences that he has there.

If you actually believe everything that comes out of the White House, then you are a dumb ass naive and uneducated moron.

That’s all the White House can do is play the blame game without any proof to back it up with. Look at the Benghazi video for proof on that. White House tried to blame the Benghazi attacks on a youtube video and there’s no proof on that.

If you’re gonna blame somebody or something, back it up with proof and facts. Of course, the White House never does and those stupid idiot liberals will believe everything they say.

Everything that comes out of Obama and the White House, liberals are gonna be like  *gasp* “Oh my god, Obama said something I agree with. He’s my hero. Kudos to him!”

It really is pathetic, ya know?

Liberals need to grow up. They really are the most childish people I’ve ever seen.

I can’t stand that Josh Earnest guy. He’s predictably 10x’s worse than Jay Carney. If you believe their lies, then I feel sorry for you.