To hell with gay marriage, lets focus on real news like the Tunisia attack..

While liberal America is getting all excited over Obamacare, gay-marriage and Obama singing “Amazing Grace”… I would say FUCK ALL OF IT and focus on more serious matters like the Tunisia beach attack.

It really is a fucking shame that liberal media would try to keep our attention away from terrorists attacks but instead they try to brainwash their “human rights” crap in our faces.

I can see why because Islam is responsible and the news media will do whatever to gets our minds off of it. Well, it won’t get my mind off of it.

It’s FUCKING AWFUL that libtard America would put their focus on Charleston shootings and yet they ignore this totally.

The Tunisia attack is a real tragedy. Death toll rises to 15 so RIP to all of them. Yet, fucking liberal America are worried about gay marriage and trying to ban the Confederate Flag.

Yeah, like I repeatedly say, “Welcome to Obama’s America, y’all”.

I’m beginning to believe that liberals are the real racist here. Not us. Why is it they are always compassionate about black victims being shot and killed, yet they don’t care about people from other countries getting shot and killed?

I’m really getting fed up with the liberal party. They’re getting crazier and crazier. We’re fucking done, America.


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