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The Obama White House blames Bush on the rise of ISIS again… *yawn*

Ya know, it doesn’t make a bit of sense to me why people would blame the rise of ISIS on Bush when ISIS didn’t even exist at all under Bush as president. George W. left office in 2009 so it was a long time ago.


I’ve seen articles on the White House blaming ISIS on Bush making the rounds of facebook and some are actually believing everything of what the White House press room says.

The last thing you wanna do is believe everything that comes out of the Obama White House. Especially the press conferences that he has there.

If you actually believe everything that comes out of the White House, then you are a dumb ass naive and uneducated moron.

That’s all the White House can do is play the blame game without any proof to back it up with. Look at the Benghazi video for proof on that. White House tried to blame the Benghazi attacks on a youtube video and there’s no proof on that.

If you’re gonna blame somebody or something, back it up with proof and facts. Of course, the White House never does and those stupid idiot liberals will believe everything they say.

Everything that comes out of Obama and the White House, liberals are gonna be like  *gasp* “Oh my god, Obama said something I agree with. He’s my hero. Kudos to him!”

It really is pathetic, ya know?

Liberals need to grow up. They really are the most childish people I’ve ever seen.

I can’t stand that Josh Earnest guy. He’s predictably 10x’s worse than Jay Carney. If you believe their lies, then I feel sorry for you.