The “Operation: Fast and Furious” defendant sentencing is just a cover-up for Eric and Barack…

The family and friends of Brian Terry may have finally gotten the answers of who killed him but they still didn’t get the full-answers on who started the “Operation: F&F” which made this shoot-out happen in the first place. So the big news is that Manuel Osorio-Arellanes, the man who shot and killed Brian Terry in cold blood was just sentenced to 30 years in prison. Manuel was just one of the 5 individuals who was charged in the death of Brian Terry that was announced by the Justice Department. Noticed how the 5 men charged for the murder of Brian Terry was announced by the Justice Department who is led by Eric Holder. That’s because these men were sent out by the Justice Department as a way to cover up their crimes.

What’s funny is that a lot of people don’t realize that the real criminals are none other than Eric Holder and Barack Obama who started this whole gun-running operation. Eric and Barack Obama should have been the ones in trial instead.

They are putting these men who killed Brian Terry on trial and sentencing them so they can give people answers on, “Operation: F&F”, and so political media can finally move on from this. Eric and Barack were behind this gun-running operation sentencing all the people involved. I agree that these men deserve to be sentenced but 30 years isn’t long enough. They deserve life in prison and I think the Justice Department wanted 30 years on Manuel intentionally. This is just the Justice Department’s way of hoping to get people to shut up about, “Operation: F&F”. It’s a cover-up. Period. End of story. Manuel may have been responsible for killing Brian Terry but Eric and Barack was responsible for making that happen.

They are willing to hold those accountable for, “Operation: F&F” and nothing’s being done about Benghazi??? This is Eric protecting President Obama, nothing more… nothing less. I’m happy for the family of Brian Terry but they don’t realize who the real criminals are who started this thing. The DOJ is not doing this to help Terry’s family… they are doing this for themselves… to protect themselves and Barack.


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