The latest news of Benghazi is becoming even more suspicious…

So let me get this straight. So Barack Obama closes all the embassies all around the world on his birthday weekend claiming there were strong terrorist threats. Next thing you know, the DOJ announced they charged several suspects on the Benghazi attacks. Come on, people. Read between the lines.

This is just the Obama Administration’s way of covering themselves up even more. This is fucking ridiculous. 11 months and they sent out several suspects claiming they were responsible for Benghazi right away? The Obama Admin. are getting very scared. They’re scared of getting caught and they’re doing whatever it takes to get away with it. That’s why they closed all the Embassies all over the world. That’s why they are charging several so-called suspects that they are probably sending out themselves.

The Obama administration aren’t fooling anybody and the more they pull shit like this… the more they start to prove they were behind it all along.

I find it ludicrous that they would close the embassies over terrorist threats when I’m sure they get terrorist threats like that everyday. I bet they knew who the suspects were after all that time and they could have kept them secret forever if they wanted. They’re charging the suspects now hoping to get free and clear, and hoping to get the media to stop talking about it. They want people to shut up about Benghazi and that’s why they’re releasing the suspects and charging them federally.

Come on, Barack O’. Is this the best you can do? You’re going to appear on Leno tonight and I wouldn’t be surprised if you walk out on stage with the audience booing the hell out of you.



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