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“Operation: Fast and Furious” gunwalking scandal being made into a big screen Hollywood movie…

First Michael Bay made a movie about the Benghazi attacks and it will soon hit theaters in January of 2016 (which is perfect timing incase Hillary wins the nomination). Now there’s another Obama admin. crime being made into a big screen movie. Yep, there’s a movie about “Operation: Fast and Furious” coming to the big screen soon brought to you by Lionsgate studios. Not to be confused with “Fast and Furious” with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. This is a different “Fast and Furious”, the one about the Mexican drug lord gun running scandal that killed American, Brian Terry.

This movie will be based upon the book that is titled “The Unarmed Truth” (which I haven’t read yet but I will look into it) and the movie will be scripted by World War Z writer, Matthew Carnahan.


Another movie that I’m sure that Obama and Holder are not gonna like. I’m pretty sure the movie won’t be called “Operation: Fast and Furious” because it will cause a lot of confusion with the other “Fast and Furious” franchise so they will probably title this movie, “The Unarmed Truth”, I would think.

I wonder who they’re gonna get to play Brian Terry?

As you can see Brian was young and not trying to sound gay or anything but he was good looking too so they would have to find an actor who resembles him. Brian was 40 years old so they would have to pick an actor around that age. Who does Brian resemble? I’d say he reminds me of Ben Affleck a little bit.

I hope they don’t get Jeremy Renner ’cause I’m tired of seeing him in everything.